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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 10th September 2017: Post: 3


Seriously.. for the Amiga this is about as close as you can
get to sex. The very very sexy SX32 that turns your CD32 into
a fully working Amiga computer. And here is that dirty little
secret... she has her own CD-ROM as standard. Remember those
images of the plug in CD-ROM for the A1200... well this is the
real deal and it all comes in the original CD32 case.

Enter the converted CD32 with SX32 inside

All those extra ways you can plug yourself in

Ports for your monitor and disk drives

The SX32 lurking below

And so games and floppies at the ready

Not just one but two floppies
Note the little switch on the CD32

Still basically a CD32 with all the functionality

Set your laser on stun

Not just a controller but also a keyboard added

Power is a bit ugly

And that is just .. well crude

The CD32 boots up in normal CD32 mode

But swap the controller for mouse and flip
the little silver switch and watch the magic

For now we have a Workbench screen

With keyboard and mouse controls

SysInfo giving the details on the 020

Memory check

Throw in a CD and you have full access

That switch basically allows you either
CD32 or Workbench functionality

And you still can play all your games

The SX32

CD32 with SX32 inside

CD32 with SX32 inside

Eyetech manual

So there you have it. Quite magical

The board will take a hard drive, but in truth
I am happy leaving well alone.

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