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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 13th September 2017: Post: 1

Big Box Amiga Art

One of the greatest joys for me using the Amiga has been mucking
around in DPaint and PPaint plus VidiAmiga to create animations
and story art to use in say AMOS. Thing is I never got round to
trying out any of the big box art packages, mainly cus of the
expense in the day. Now that I actually have the software I still
prefer to use my DPaint, cus it really is what I know best.

Here is a selection of those big box art packages

ImageFX Nova Design

ImageFX and 3 versions in one box

ImageFX Versions 2.6 and 3.0 manuals

Interesting marketing literature inside

The usual thick manual

Art Department Professional ASDG

My box was gifted to me by a guy that
wrote reviews for Amiga magazines

Professional Draw from Gold Disk

Professional Draw 2.0 plus Professional Page

The box got twice as big and twice as
heavy when it got ported to the PC

Way more disks and more manuals

Photogenics by Almathera

Opting for the folder style of box

Brilliance from Digital Creations

Very black and white for a colourful package

DigiPaint from NewTek

DigiPaint plus Transfer24

DigiView from NewTek

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