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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 16th September 2017: Post: 2

Dust to dust

It really is a revelation sometimes when reviewing photographs
taken with the camera at the amount of dust, hair and general
grime there is on an object. Most of the time it is not visible
to the naked eye. I have spent an age cleaning something and 
then when photographed still shows endless dust and fine particles.

I removed another cheese from a 500 today and set too opening
the thing up. This one had been welded tight with the clips 
fully sealed. Took me a while but I managed to get the 501 free
from the shielding. The battery was in perfect condition as was
the main board. I also pulled a Phoenix RAM board from a 500
and that too looked fine.

Then I photographed both, with the flash and without and
as ever the resultant images were quite revealing.

A501 with silver shielding

Clips totally welded and concealed

You have to be a touch heavy handed

Battery in perfect physical condition

A501 looks clean

No 'leakage'

I shall leave the battery for now

Much better without the shielding..
or you would think !!

Enter the Pheonix RAM board

Turn down the lights and take a
deep breath [ Enigma ]

Click on the picture to reveal the dust and grime

And this has been behind a trap door cover

Not bad but still has a surface residue

Compare now with the 501 and see how
dust free the board is

The shielding has done its job

Keeping the board in mint condition

Totally dust free

Shame the battery is there to be honest

The A501 is the only board I have with
the outer shielding.

And as for the battery .. well dust to dust
Eventually.. like all of them sadly.

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