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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 17th September 2017: Post: 1


I was always amazed at the level of creativity given to games
of the Amiga era. When I think of games like Populous and
Genesia and the various adventure games like Simon the Sorcerer
and Beneath a Steel Sky I am always moved to reflect on just
how imaginative and innovative these guys were. There were way
simpler formulas that would sell games but instead they chose
to weave their own brand of magic to bring inspirational games
to the platform.

Take a game like Loom which whilst being a text based adventure
game brought with it a great story coupled with a novel idea
using music and spells. The minute the game starts you realise
that the game designer wants to hook you in with something original.

Sadly games and much of the entertainment world today are less
inclined to think out of the box and so regurgitate old established
formulas. Nothing really feels that original and fresh. Makes you
wonder how many ideas and stories have been lost to the Marvel-esque
machine that is modern day.

And so to Loom... Nothing heavy again just some picture art. In truth
to enjoy this game you have to play it... so no spoilers. Sorry.

Loom.. LucasFilm Games a fantasy
adventure by Brian Moriarty

Games Manual

A three disk game. Suggest installing to
avoid the disk swapping

Book of Patterns - Essential for the
game entry check to play

A very musical game

Such an interesting theme

Authenticity check

The game starts

And the walking from screen to screen begins

Enter Obi-Wan Kenobi.. Feels like that

Don't just sit there. Play the game !!

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