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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 17th September 2017: Post: 2


Imagine my anticipation having discovered an LHA file for
Klondike named Kylie.

Case of better the devil you know ....

With due haste I unarchived the file

I tracked sown the Reko-Productions drawer

Checked for the Prefs file

Edited the prefs to include Kylie

Fired up the game

Paused to reflect on wasted hours playing

And was it worth it.. I should be so lucky
Or not. Makes me giggle all the same

You can download loads of sets from Aminet
and even design your own. Not sure I ever have
Kinda a solitary affair.

This was her best ...'Lalalal-la-la-lalalalala'

That would have made an interesting set

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