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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 17th September 2017: Post: 3

What we gonna do now is go back

Way back in time... To the very beginning

To a time before flat screens

When channel hopping meant turning the dial

When every house had an ariel

And just one thing to connect into it

There was only UHF and terrestrial telly

Suddenly all that was about to change

The battle for the TV was about to begin

And all because of this

That connected into this

Which meant we didn't have to watch
dreary old scheduled progs any-more

We had the power.. Whether it be ZX81
or the Sinclair Spectrum.. So here is what
we did to make the magic happen

First you needed to plug in your computer
This was the power supply for the ZX81

And this for the Spectrum. They do differ.

Locate the suitable power inlet

And give your Speccy the power

Or fire up your ZX81.. Depends when you
joined the revolution. Maybe you had both

Next we needed to be able to play those
new games we got from WH Smiths

So we needed to get a tape cassette player

Something with an ear and mic socket

So we could play cassettes across and into
the computer and enjoy our games

All these new gadgets needed a tape machine

And once connected you really didn't want
the magic to stop

Some even bought a special player

Cus cassette players could be a little flaky

This was the real deal when it came to
the old data transfer. State of the art

With monitor, tape counter and input/output controls

Ready to rock and roll

Time to kick dad from in front of the TV

And load up some serious TLL

Like we needed instructions

In goes the tape

Locate the ' LOAD ' button

Type in the necessary

And wait five minutes while you drive mom
and dad insane with the high pitched screech

Well unless you could switch the noise off

And you were in and dad was down the pub
probably playing pong

The ZX81 was a touch more reserved

Not very impressive when you switched on

But you soon got the hang of it

I mean who hasn't done that... So funny

There you have it. The birth of the death
of the single TV used just for terrestrial TV.

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