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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 17th September 2017: Post: 5

What we gonna do now is go back: Part 3

More... Scooby Doo moments with Sinclair

Unboxing your new acquisition

My original ZX81

Still in its original box

They came with full box or sleeve

Stamp of Sinclair

Imaginative curving of the 'styrene

Extra added keyboard and interface

The Spectrum in a similar style of box

Informative guide on the box

A simple rectangular tray this time

Filled with goodies

Spectrums were not originally 48K

But they all still needed the work when
it came to feeding data onto the machine

There really was no shortage of programs
The problem was finding the time to type
all of the lines in. And debugging was a
nightmare. Not only were you likely to
have made mistakes, but the code itself
could be wrong in places

Games were easier to deal with

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Some of the classics

Games on the ZX81 were a touch more rare
Well good ones that is.

Programs tended to be more utility based

Useful applications


This was more your normal Speccy tape

Over-written music cassettes

In a new garbled language

All forgotten now but seriously important
stuff at the time.. Especially Oracles Cave
That game kept me up night after night.

The End

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