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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 18th September 2017: Post: 2

CP/M-86 1981

Digging through old folders and 5.25" floppy disks and have come
across a preliminary edition of the CP/M-86 OS for the Sirius-1
computer. It is a thick manual but explains in some detail the
workings of the CP/M-86 system. And you know I just love CP/M

Digital Research Inc Gary Kildall 1981

'The Victor 9000 / Sirius S1 was conceived by Chuck Peddle who also 
designed the first Commodore PETs'

The Sirius 1

Getting started

Enter the 5.25" disk

Using Programs

The magical words CP/M

CP/M-86 Preliminary Release

Digital Research 1976-81





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CP/M-86 Overview

File System

Naming Files

File Types

Wildcard Character Types

Types of Commands

Files and Loading

Editing Command Line

Console Output

Changing Logged Files

Anyway more tomorrow as I delve deeper
into my CP/M box of papers.

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