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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 22nd September 2017: Post: 1

A BiT of a HiT

OK sadly no love here. It is sad. The MSX is truly unloved
and not because there is any fault. It really is just cus
the machine is so boring. Sadly it kinda just does what it
says on the tin and nothing more. I just cannot get a rise
out of this platform. Switch 'em on and they boot fine and
work fine and run fine.. and then I switch 'em off.

This SONY HiTBiT has been propping a door open along with 
various other duties. It currently stands wedged between a 
Win98 and Win95 machine. Such a shame. Anyway, today as I
was in the vicinity I decided to give the computer some 
long overdue attention..... and then I switched her off.

I have a slight issue here now as I have lost my spot for
taking pictures. I also lost my bestest camera to old age
and so its a make-shift area on a kitchen worktop. Anyhoo
here are the pictures.

The computer is incredibly well made and
has a typewriter quality keyboard

Opening Screen

Basic menu options next screen
Note this is on a BW TV





Transfer is, well, for transferring
data to and from a cassette.

All very technical stuff

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