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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 9th September 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - GVP A1230+

Amiga 1200 - GVP A1230+ Series II
Back in 1995 I was playing SimCity 2000 on the Amiga 1200 and it
was the first game that I had hit a road block with. Sadly the
Amiga just couldn't handle the complexity of the game and slowed
down to a crawl pace. It frustrated me no end. So on 3rd March
1995 at the Southampton branch of Silica I bought a GVP A1230+
Turbo with a clock speed of 40MHz for 299.

A friend of mine wanted to see the card so came round to help me
install. First thing they did was drop the card on the floor. My
heart sank. Fortunately no problems and the card installed and
ran no problems.

I used the card for many many years until it was replaced with a
Blizzard Turbo with 32MB RAM. The only real problem with the card
was with games. It was so fast that some of the graphics played
catchy up with the accelerator, like in Sensi Soccer. The sound
in Ishar was a little messed up and Uridium and Worms refused
to play point blank. But SimCity was a hoot and a half and
seriously destroyed most of my sleep for months. Worth it though.

For those following the blog know that I have been fiddling with
a Seagate 1GB hard drive and with some tender tinkering have now
got it running. Thing is I'm starting to have fun with the old
VidiAmiga and need the speed and memory of the card. I have a
4MB PCMCIA RAM card in but need just a bit more. Also the speed
of the GVP helps with file transfer and image conversion when
saving large files. I also need to be able to sit down.

And so I pulled the GVP from Christina as she wasn't that busy
and grabbed my original Workbench disk box with all my goodies
to find the GVP install disk. I also grabbed the card's instruction
manual. I actually tried to get a DS1994 battery off Ebay but there
wasn't any.. Unbelievable.

OK. I now have the A1200 with the GVP but still work on the raw
VidiAmiga files in the other main room with the bench. So I took
advantage of a hole I created through the wall for a network
cable to fish through the AMINet Serial cables for the interface
I have. I set up a network with Graham the 1500 that is actually
an Amiga 1200 and like magic I was able to transfer files in
their raw state for me to edit on Jermaine in here. Wonderful.

And so I'm back to March 1995 as it were with the GVP. And back
it seems to my SimCity 'Flibble' of which I am mayor. It's quite
a responsible job looking after all those people. So funny.

Anyhoo that's that for Jermaine with the Seagate. I can do no more.

Cuppa tea me thinks. As you do !!

Amiga 1200 GVP A1230

First up my original Workbench disk box.

That's what I'm looking for.

Sorry to do this to you Christina.

But I need that card.

Enter the lovely Jermaine.

To get the IDE working in the A1200 I needed
to set the MaxTransfer in HDToolBox to 0x1FE00.

I had earlier removed the 3.1ROMs from the
Amiga Technologies machine and replaced with
original 3.0ROMs to avoid conflicts running
VidiAmiga and various games. Turns out that
3.1 Workbench is not set to PureBit, what ever
that means and they updated the Animation
data file to play straight from disk. Sadly
all that conflicts with the digitiser and
so had to go. Never mind. All working now.

The DS1994 battery that I am struggling finding.

A1230 running at 40MHz.

Installed the AMINet Serial connectors and
cables to Graham and Jermaine and now I can
transfer files between rooms.

All done

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