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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 23rd September 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - SCSI

Amiga 1200 - SCSI
I realised very early on in my Amiga adventure that storage was
always going to be a big problem. I was burning through disks so
fast and every six months upgrading the hard drive. Space was never
enough and just as I thought I had overcome the issue I was again
turning to greater capacities.

When I first saw the adverts by HiSoft for the ZIP drive and the
Squirrel I almost whooped with joy as I sat reading the Amiga Format
at my desk one lunchtime. The rest of the office thought I'd gone
mad. To me 100MB a disk was beyond belief.

For the first time I came to appreciate just what SCSI really meant.
I had seen the term used but always related it to the bigger box
machines. And so with the Squirrel my life changed and I was no
longer hindered with the eternal disc upgrading. I now had capacity
to spare and with the SCSI fitted to my Amiga I was able to add at
will more and more devices.

Soon I was able to add SCSI to my actual GVP and then the Blizzard
by use of the special SCSI KIT that fit neatly in the case. This all
allowed me to make use of the larger format SCSI and IDE 3.5" drives
that had caused such a power issue when fed off the internal power.
I was also able to add CD-ROM and ZIP drives. The opportunities were
truly endless.

And so here is a small feature on the SCSI for the A1200 as was
experienced in my days using the Squirrel and all those wonderful
external devices and expansion boxes. Simply magical.

Amiga 1200 - SCSI

Squirrel SCSI from HiSoft.

Squirrel SCSI from HiSoft.

Squirrel SCSI from HiSoft - Inside the box.

The PCMCIA connector that is The Squirrel.

Suitable for all the various SCSI connectors.

Came with the handy install software and loads of PD stuff.

Plus the Squirrel SCSI manual.

Explaining what SCSI is.

The peripheral ID number.

The purpose of termination.

A terminator.

The Squirrel inserted in the PCMCIA slot.

Connection to the peripheral.

Terminator plug fitted. Note the ID No.3.

A1291 SCSI KIT for the GVP Series II.

A1291 SCSI features.

A1291 inside the box.

The card that fits to the accelerator.

The card that fits to the accelerator.

Provides a rear port on the Amiga 1200.

The Blizzard Turbo SCSI KIT IV.

The Blizzard Turbo SCSI KIT IV.

Provided an addition SIMM Slot.

Various SCSI peripherals.

Termination on the ZIP is incorporated.

One of my own SCSI set-ups.

And yes that's an SCSI hard drive in there.

One of my large hard drives from another set-up.

HiSoft Advert and feature.

HiSoft Advert and feature.

HiSoft Advert and feature.

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