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scuzzBlog: Diaries September 2019

Entry 15th September 2019: Post 02: Amiga game - Indiana Jones times two.

Amiga game - Indiana Jones times two

OK .. so while I am searching through my PD disks I find this game
leaflet/guide for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. You may recall
that the other day I found the single disk for this game with the
Atari Hollywood pack. The game requested a second disk though there
was none. The game simply ran from the one disk. Hmmm thinks !!

I opened my disk collection file and found the same title with both
the single disk and three disks. Curiouser and curiouser. Undeterred
I sifted through several disk boxes and also uncovered the game box
and contents. What I had was the same game for the Amiga but with
either one or three disks.

Nothing for it but to fire the disks up and so I pulled an Amiga 500
and loaded the games. What I discovered was beyond my realms of
rational thought. The horror was so terrifying that I ran from the
house chased by a giant bolder... er wrong film.

OK less dramatic... Turns out there are two games made by the same
people in the same year. One is the 'Graphics Adventure' and the
other is the 'Action Game'. Talk about milking an idea. Not sure I
have ever come across that before with a game. Fortunately neither
left a lasting mark on my gaming memory. But at least I solved the
mystery. Trying to uncover the disks was a bit like a vault challenge.

To the film.. and Indy remembers his youth and his father's search for
the Holy Grail. They appear to be at odds with each other and reluctant
to work together. Until his father is taken by the Germans to uncover
the Grail which has immeasurable power. Indy is then tracked by a very
cute blond lady who helps him uncover the mystery after visiting
Venice. They are chased by the keepers of the Grail.

Anyhoo Indy rescues his father who keeps calling him junior and with
the location of the Grail resolved they manage to uncover the tomb
and drag half the Nazi army with them. The cute blond turns out to
be a Nazi and Indy is forced to retrieve the Grail to save his father.
What happens next is that the blond girl falls down a hole, the cup
is lost and Indy kinda saves the day, albeit again leading villains
to a treasured artefact that he manages to cause its destruction.

Not much of an archaeologist to be honest. Oh sorry, for those that
haven't seen the film. Spoiler alert. And for those that haven't
seen Raiders then just change the title and you have pretty much
the same film.

Anyway gotta go... flying poison darts.

Amiga game - Indiana Jones times two

The Action Game

The Graphics Adventure

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