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scuzzBlog: Diaries September 2019

Entry 21st September 2019: Post 01: Amiga computers - 600,500,1000 and 1400.

Amiga computers - 600,500,1000 and 1400.

I have some crazy arrangements with some of my Amigas. It aint
pretty but it works all the same. My biggest problem is monitors.
Not the lack of them, but finding spaces for them to sit. So in
the junk room I have this set-up linked to one monitor which I
can flick over a series of differing Amigas if I so desire.

Top of the pile is the trusty A600 with hard drive that I do use
quite a lot as a portable Amiga when I need to take copies of
files and test hard drives. So useful being small.

Below the A600 is the A500 with the 590 and the 3.1 ROM. This is
a great 500 and has quite a few 500 related bits and pieces on
it that I plunder at various times of the week.

Next down I have the Amiga 1000 which gets used just to check
games and stuff that refuse to run on the 500. I also have
another A1000 set up adjacent for use with the 1060.

Bottom of the pile is the Amiga 1400 [ bogus ]. This machine
has an A1200 inside an A1500 case. I use this a lot to swap out
and check IDE hard drives. It is Parnet connected to another
1200 plus it has the Aminet serial cable to yet another A1200
in the next room. This is where most Amiga files start their
journey from the vault or repository.

So are they working OK. That was the normal weekly test when
laying dormant and I thought I would photograph me checking
them over. For this I grabbed Targhan by Silmarils from 1989
and fired it up on all four computers to see if it ran. Well
it did and each machine booted no problem along with the
individual hard drives on the 600,500 and 1400. Would have
been nice to have gotten a hard drive for the 1000, but hey.

So they worked. From the pics you can see the kinda chaos that
the junk room is in. It gets quite hectic in here at times as
I unpack tubs and boxes and test stuff. Always busy. I have
five Amiga 1200s in this room alone that get fired up each
and every day. As you do !!

As for Targhan... well not my kind of game to be honest.

Amiga computers - 600,500,1000 and 1400.

Amiga 600

Amiga 500

Amiga 1000

Amiga 1400 [ bogus ]

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