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scuzzBlog: Diaries September 2019

Entry 28th September 2019: Post 01: Amiga 3.1 Preliminary and Confidential.

Amiga 3.1 Preliminary and Confidential.

I have no idea where these disks came from. They are labelled 3.1
Amiga Developers Update Disks 1 to 5. Plus various other disks
that have labels saying Private and Confidential and Do Not
Duplicate. The date is interesting being 1992-1993 given that the
3.1 OS was never actually released by Commodore as they went bust
before they could do so. So either the Update refers to an update
to the 3.0 WB or something quite different. No idea.

Anyway, that wasn't the main discussion point here as I was actually
going to raise an issue with the SAS/C Version 6.58 which I don't
have. I thought I had the last version issued but sadly not. Mine
are 6.50 and 6.55... bummer.

I've done some searches on the internet and found quite a few links.
Some are starting to fall off the web so well worth grabbing stuff
while you can.


The SAS C compiler was released by SAS Institute Inc in 1992. The product was originally called Lattice C. The last version of SAS C was 6.58. You can download latest latest patches from Aminet and the Unofficial SAS C Page. Contents of SAS/C Package: SAS/C Development System Quick Reference Guide SAS/C Development System Library Reference SAS/C Development System Users's Guide SAS/C 6.50 Floppy Disks 1-6 SAS/C 6.51 Patch Disk sas_c tutorial Warped Lattice_C_V5.10 SAS/C 6.50 is Sold Out! As of January 31, 1998, SAS Institute is out of stock of the SAS/C 6.50 Amiga Compiler.

And Also

Morphos Hyperion

Amiga 3.1 Preliminary and Confidential.

SAS/C 6.50

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