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Entry 6th September 2020: Post 1: Amiga - Best of the books.

Amiga - Best of the books.

Seems like an age ago that I had to endure the hot weather. Back
when I took these photographs it was close to 30 Deg C in here and
struggling terribly. So much so I closed operations down till the
beginning of September. It was all I could do to maintain my Amiga
sanity. Wasn't helped for having to suffer the mind numbingly
tedious and shallow threads on an internet forum blog. I'm kinda
convinced that none of the guys there actually use an Amiga. For
me I was going mental not being able to use my computers.

Anyhoo I am back in the saddle as they say and now a cool 20 Deg C
so all is fine again and I can focus on real Amiga stuff and not
the drivel that populates forum blogs. So what was I doing back
then in the hot hot days of August. As ever I was both checking
over the kit and doing a spot of cleaning. It is essential when
you collect and use so much that you have some kind of regime for
keeping the collection spruced up and all 'tickety-boo'. So checking
over the book shelves I cleared those above my Amiga workstation
and decided to take some pics.

The books shown for me are an essential set if you ever plan on
working on 'actual' computer programs and installations. A book
is way way better than any file download from the internet. For
one you can hold it in your hand whilst working on your program.
For the uneducated a program is something you write unlike a
game that you play. Just that from what I read on blogs it seems
most Amiga users these days think computing is just about gaming.

So here are the covers of a number of books that any aspiring
Amigan should acquire.. and I mean the real thing and not some
internet download. For goodness sake grow some and get the real
thing for a change and stop playing Amigan and actually become
one. You know it makes sense.

Have fun. 

Amiga - Best of the books.

And don't forget that real software
came with real books.

And that real computers came also
with real books. So useful.

Helping Hands Packs


Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol 1

Mastering AmigaDOS 2 Vol 2

Mastering Amiga C

Mastering Amiga Beginners

Mastering Amiga System

Mastering Amiga AMOS

Mastering AmigaDOS 3

Mastering Amiga Programmers Secrets

Mapping the Amiga

AmigaDOS Manual 2nd Edition

AmigaDOS Manual 3rd Edition


Program Design Techniques

Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual

Magazine Books

Get the most out of your Amiga 1992

Get the most out of your Amiga

Screen Play

Amiga Shopper PD Directory

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