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Entry 7th September 2020: Post 1: Amiga 1200 - Got one of these.

Amiga 1200 - Got one of these.

This little publication was inside my Desktop Dynamite pack when
I opened it up. One thing that Commodore understood was how to
entertain with their kit. The box and its contents were just
dripping with intoxicating imagery. By entertaining 'Future' in
the publication of this little gem it just added to the overall
magic of the computer. I recall sitting in bed the night the
machine arrived and losing myself in the pages of this mag.

Anyhoo, even if you don't have an Amiga 1200 enjoy what Future
published alongside the spiffing new Amiga computer. It really
is a wonderful read, so enjoy.

Quite a few of the magazines produced little booklets as a way
of celebrating the launch of the 1200. Great times.

Amiga 1200 - Got one of these.

The last publication here was a little
late for the party.. but what the heck.

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