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Entry 9th September 2020: Post 2: Amiga Datel Tablet - The disk.

Amiga Datel Tablet - The disk.

I have a policy of not uploading disks to the site. However I am
always happy to help a fellow Amigan trying to get his equipment
working. So today when I received a request for the Datel Tablet
software disk I agreed to feature it here for download. I kinda
responded to the comment that I may just have the only copy in
world... Oh shucks. How could I say no.

Trouble was when I placed the disk in the floppy it made this
dreadful noise and basically threw up a read error. So I tied
it to a bit of string and thrashed it against the outside wall
of the house a few times. Then stamped on it, stuck it in the
oven, fired a blow torch at it and even washed and rinsed it
in the dryer. All the stuff you see whacky guys doing on the
internet these days. Didn't work so I am now using it as a
tea coaster.....

Or not. Probably not.

Indeed the disk threw up a read error and was not even showing
the disk label. So I did slap it a few times on the desk and
this then forced the drive to read the disk label. I placed
the disk in a XLDrive and I could now see a file structure. I
tried to copy the disk but it gave a zero to every file on the

Time to get heavy.

I gave up with the Escom Amiga Technologies A1200 and switched
on the Commodore Amiga 1200 in the Workshop. This machine now
managed to see nearly all the files. Little trick with DOpus
and that is to copy manually and just keep saying retry. In
no time the disk seemed more happy to be read and so I tried
again a full copy. It copied every file except 'prompt' and
'list' from the C drawer. I kinda guessed they would be on the
Workbench 1.3 disk, and they were and also the correct sizes.

So I rebuilt the disk and then returned up here to ADF and use
the Power Computing XL to write to a 1.4MB PC HD disk for transfer
to the PC. First though I had to clean the heads on both the
internal and external drive cus they had become contaminated by
the disk.

The disk works fine, though it throws up a time out cus the
tablet is not connected. Just 28K left on the disk which seems
to have a good amount of the Workbench 1.3 disk on it albeit
does not boot itself. Just saying, nudge, nudge, that the disk
is almost a copy of Workbench 1.3. Know what I mean.

And here it is in ZIP format so you still have to do some work. 

Click disk for the disk.
Available only for a short time

Word of caution. I have never used this tablet which is a GT-906
Genitizer. The software is obviously for 1.3 and may not work
on the A1200 with 3.0. May need to 'degrade'. Dunno. Also the
software that came in the box is for the Datel Electronics
Genius Tablet or Datel Tablet which this is not. So you would
need to test. 

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Amiga Datel Tablet - The disk.

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