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Entry 14th September 2020: Post 1: NBS PD House merged into UPD.

Late news NBS PD House merged into UPD.
Not surprising I lost the trail on NBS given that they merged in
1992 to form one larger PD House... Interesting.

HOPEFULLY THIS LOOKS BETTER .. if not I'm not editing again.

So I spend a day sourcing this information, photograph images for the 
blog to help and advise accordingly and the question is ... will I get 
a  thank you. This is the third request in as many days and I have 
helped  on each occasion. It really is amazing how invisible I become 
after those requesting stuff get what they need.

[ quote ]

Hi .. you probably knew all this but I will comment anyway.


Newport Business Supplies first advertised on page 123 Amiga Format 
Issue 10 May 1990

December 1991 Issue 29 was the last advert by NBS in Amiga Format.

January 1992 NBS combined with Blitterchips, Start and Vally PD to form 
UPD or UNITED PUBLIC DOMAIN DISTRIBUTORS. Therefore the contents of 
Weird  Science CDs 1 to 4 linked below with all the dms files 
downloadable will include the NBS  library. The CDs were actually 
compiled by Vally PD.

I will publish later tonight my blog for tomorrow that includes images  
of mostof the NBS adverts with listings. Just 27 and 28 are missing. I 
will add when I find them.

I would guess that given that many disks were repeated in combining the 
houses and so the content of the UPD should cover most of the the 
important disks produced by NBS.This is about as close as you're likely 
to get. Unless you can investigate further with UPD.

Given that I have just 49 disks I do not believe I can contribute further.

Please note that the program on the catalogue disk linked in the EAB 
forum is not an AMOS program. I had already tried that. I don't see any 
way of cracking it.

[ BLURB .. not my words.]

Who are United Public Domain Distributors

1988/9 Saw the boom in the Amiga, Amiga PD, and Amiga PD libraries! In 
those days, as now, running a PD library was running a business, but 
there was one thing that made most PD Libraries different from most  
businesses... Co-Operation! The majority of Libraries were run by Amiga 
enthusiasts, who were not  hard line businessmen, and hence did not 
regard others as `the enemy`. In fact many would  exchange daily phone 
calls about the latest software, the scene, and any common problems we had.

The boom in the Amiga, also brought about a boom in the Amiga Press.  
Titles which started as combined format magazines split to form 
dedicated Amiga mags, and many  brand new titles appeared on the 
shelves. All of these saw easy pickings in the Amiga PD world, and 
extreme  pressure was applied to all libraries to use more, and larger 
adverts. This may have been great for  advertising revenue but produced 
a crazy situation, where up to 50 different libraries would  all have 
adverts selling exactly the same thing!

There were, of course, just too many PD libraries around and many 
ceased  trading, or deliberately set out to cheat the public! Either way 
PD libraries and  mail order were getting a bad name, especially with 
the customers who had lost money or experienced bad service.

It was around this time that the idea of a combined advert circulated,  
and after many long, late night phone calls between several libraries, 
United Public Domain Distributors (UPD) was formed, and in late 1990 our 
first Advert appeared. Four independent PD libraries: Blitterchips, NBS, 
Start, and Vally, had  combined their PD collections, with new a 
reference system, to produce (probably) the largest collection of Public 
Domain in the world!! More importantly, the original libraries were all 
well established, reliable companies, so hopefully would represent a 
secure PD source for mail order customers.

Now, nearly 5 years later, UPD adverts, can still be seen in the press, 
and 3 of the original 4 PD libraries are still actively involved in 
Public Domain. Vally PD, although not advertising, was the main compiler 
of the CDs in  this set and is currently compiling more for release into 
the Amiga marketplace.

[ all four PD CDs are here... NAVIGATE to dms files.  The four links to  
folders include also all the Amiga files necessary to recreate your own 
CD. You would have to  build them yourself ]

[ all four PD CDs in above link ... NAVIGATE to dms files. ]



Hope that helps.


Late news NBS PD House merged into UPD.

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