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Entry 21st September 2020: Post 1: Digi-Paint v Photon Paint on the Amiga.

Digi-Paint v Photon Paint on the Amiga.

So which of these wonderful products comes out on top. Truth is
I haven't got a clue. Both these paint packages kinda failed to
impress in the day and I was already hooked on DPaint. When you
find something that works for you then you rarely change. Added to
the fact that PPaint was a mini wonder when it came to format of
file manipulation with its ability to work with GIFs and JPGs.

Sadly I just couldn't get Digi-Paint to appear full on the screen.
There is supposed to be some kind of auto - scrolling which did
not work for me. The menus at the bottom of the screen were half
missing and I couldn't find a setting to change. So bad was the
interface I couldn't click any of the buttons at the base of the
screen to confirm anything. I was forced simply to reset the
Amiga to come out. Dunno what I was supposed to do.

I do hate menu tools at the base of a screen. Either left or
right is best and better if they float. SimCity 2000 has magic
menu bars and tool bars, showing that it doesn't have to be that
complex. This is why I never used ImageFX or CanDo.

Whilst DPaint has its limitations it still has the easiest to
use animation software I have ever come across. Had memory been
less of an issue with the Amiga I would have happily created
endless animations. In the end I was forced to use black and
white for the most part. So frustrating.

I have been a convert to PhotoShop on the PC since the late 90's
and once you have mastered the layering system you really can't
use anything else. The last picture in this set is of the actual
image of Clara Veiga that I created on Photoshop. Both DPaint
and PPaint do a good job of rendering. Digi-Paint couldn't handle
the image and just gave a garbled load of blue mess..

I never did use Photon Paint though I did load it up recently.
Like Digi-Paint it wasn't for me so I gave up.

Anyhoo you can read an article I discovered in the Commodore
ICPUG magazine. 

Digi-Paint v Photon Paint on the Amiga.

Clara Veiga in DPaint.

Same picture in PPaint.

The very magical Clara Veiga. [ PhotoShop ]

Article from ICPUG Magazine.

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