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Entry 23rd September 2020: Post 1: Sound sampling on the Amiga.

Sound sampling on the Amiga.

The other day someone asked for a good source of sound samples.
Unfortunately I didn't have an image of the May 1995 edition of
Amiga Computing so show the very wonderful Weird Science CD
including 2300 sound samples.

Sound has to be one of the easiest things to play with on the Amiga
and samples literally litter many many cover disks and sound
software. My own library of sound samples and mods is quite massive.
I know cus it takes an age for me to back it up.

What is more you can obtain a sound sampler such as TechnoSound and
start building up your own collection of sound files. It really
is that easy.

And so in addition to showing here the CD by Weird Science I also
include some photographs of the various magazine cover disks/CDs
which you may be able to obtain. It really is never too late to
start building your very own sound sample library.

Sound sampling on the Amiga.

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