ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2020

Entry 24th September 2020: Post 1: Amstrad MegaPC monitor issues.

Amstrad MegaPC monitor issues.

I have quite a few of my machines that I switch on regularly to
check they are running fine. Generally they are the ones I have
restored and or have had things like batteries removed and belts
replaced. One such computer is the Amstrad MegaPC which is an
Amstrad with a MegaDrive inside. I have two working .

Anyhoo I was a little troubled that the monitor didn't fire up,
particularly as Amstrads are notorious for using only their own
monitors. So I set to the bench for further investigation.

Having checked over the monitor I discovered the push button on
and off button wouldn't stay in the on position. This is quite
a common fault with monitors. You can either risk damaging the
monitor by opening up and trying to mend the switch, or you can
simply jam a cocktail stick in to hold it down. I prefer the
old cocktail stick fix.

Anyway both the MegaPC computers were working and so gave me a
chance to play Bodgit the Dodgik.... or something like that. Its
been a long day.. sorry.

Amstrad MegaPC monitor issues.

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