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Entry 25th September 2020: Post 2: Emulating better screen shots.

Emulating better screen shots.

It is a real problem taking photographs of an Amiga monitor. The
filter I use to avoid the scan lines creates a rather dark image.
This month I decided to bite the old WinUae bullet and set up an
emulator simply to allow me to take pictures.

And so a week or so ago I decided to replicate my Amiga in the
workshop on a WinUae Workbench 3.0 ROM configuration. Most of
the files were burnt to CD using an old WinXP machine having
transferred the files using a ZIP drive. I then created an ISO
file on the Win7 machine which can be read by the emulator.

I have to say I haven't slept in days and have been working my
socks off to create a complete copy of my vast Amiga Workbench
brain off my original Amiga 1200 with three hard drives. Been
a challenging task and sometimes a little frustrating as I had
to manually build the quite complex file structures.

But I did it and now have full access to my Amiga files 'offa'
this Win7 machine. I have to say it feels quite odd. Not sure it
feels right... but hey it saves me lugging the monitor onto the
bench. She can have a well earned rest.

And so a new era of hopefully better screen shots.

The process has taken up a lot of my time this last few weeks
so the blogs have been a touch shallow of late. I apologise for
that. All back to normal now.. hopefully. And its raining.

PS I made LHA files of all my directories. Very helpful having
the 32MB RAM off the Blizzard. ADF just takes up way too much
file space and you are limited to using the floppy drives which
is a pain. With the LHA files on the CD I simply decompress the
files that I read from the CD.

One issue is that the CDs have to be created using old software
and not the Win7 OS burning software. I used Roxio and Nero and
that seemed to work using CD-R dics. The ISO image was created
using Cyberlink DVD Suite on the Win7 machine. I already have
adf copies of around 13000 of my disks so have a pretty endless
resource of software and games.

Emulating better screen shots.

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