ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2020

Entry 27th September 2020: Post 1: Amiga - The RoboSHIFT.

Amiga - The RoboSHIFT.

Is it a mouse port ... or is it a joystick port ? Actually it's both.
This little gizmo plugs into the mouse port and gives you a mouse
and a joystick at the flick of a button. You plug both into the
gadget and if you click the fire button the little light comes on
giving you control of a joystick on the mouse port.

Not satisfied with just having the normal version I also have the
Mach 2 version, comes in fancy blue. I have no idea what the Mach 2
does that the earlier one doesn't as I have been unable to find
anything about these controllers.

And so answers on a postcard please. Personally I wouldn't trust
either on my Amiga and so it's back to the plastic bag and back of
the drawer they go.

The other gadget in the bag was a whatsit thingy. It's technical.

That was short today.

Amiga - The RoboSHIFT.

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