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Entry 28th September 2020: Post 1: AmigaPRO - Beginning of the end.

AmigaPRO - Beginning of the end.

A couple of decades ago I hooked up with an Amiga magazine reviewer.
His job was to take Amiga products and software and review them for
well known Amiga magazines. Over the years he amassed quite a lot of
newly packaged Amiga goodies to take a first look at. In addition
to products and software he occasionally reviewed new magazines.
One such magazine was AMIGAPRO.

Before receiving the magazine he was given a black portfolio setting
out the positive advantages of the magazine. The aim being to get
a positive spin for the magazine to encourage advertisements. Later
in November 1994 he got his hands on the first edition of AMIGAPRO
together with a copy of 32.

This guy was more than a little generous as he gave me a trunk load
of new and unused software together with several CD32 gadgets. It
was the CD32 that was grabbing all the headlines.

1994 was a kinda sad period for the Amiga cus those in the community
were trying to stay upbeat and positive whilst knowing Commodore had
gone to the wall. This was particularly damaging to new magazines of
the day , like those covering the CD32, which sadly, did not last
more than a few editions.

So much promise lost. Along with AMIGA PRO. Doomed before it even hit
the news-stands. Man did that reviewer have some stories to tell.

AmigaPRO - Beginning of the end.

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