ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2020

Entry 30th September 2020: Post 1: ZX Spectrum+ - Power Check.

ZX Spectrum+ - Power Check.

Dropped the power supply for the ZX Spectrum+ so thought I would
check it was working fine. Only one way to find out... for me.

I also dragged out a tape I discovered with someone else's stuff
on it. Should be interesting. To do this I used an ALBA cassette
tape unit.

Whilst I like the design of the ZX Spectrum+ I gotta say that the
keys are a pig to keep clean. Especially if you like crisp black
pictures. No matter how many times I clean the thing the camera
always picks up the dirt and tiny fragments of dust.

The ZX Spectrum+ plus was released in 1984 as primarily a cosmetic
upgrade to the Spectrum. It uses the QL styling. Nice to get the
space bar and editing tools. Also has a couple of feet on the back
to tilt the computer to make typing a little easier. Still not the
best keyboard and really hate the external third party tape.

Anyhoo she worked just perfectly so played a bit of JetPac.

The ZX SPECTRUM+ made by Sinclair in the UK running on a Zilog Z80A.
Power for the computer is 9v DC 1.4A.

ZX Spectrum+ - Power Check.

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