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Entry 4th September 2021: Post 1: AT emulator sandwich board for A2286AT.

AT emulator sandwich board for A2286AT.

Not sure how these boards became separated, or whether they were
ever fixed together. Suffice to say when I discovered the small
sandwich board for the Amiga 2000 A2286 AT board I hot footed to
the workshop and put them back together. The board has received
one or two modifications which seem pretty common for the cards.

The main board is a full length Zorro II designed to emulate a
286 PC on the Amiga at full speed. When released the card came
with a 1.2MB 5.25" floppy drive.

The card offers an IBM emulator running at 80286 at 8MHz. The
processor being the Intel 286 with optional FPU (80287). The
main board has 1MB RAM and a 16KB AT compatible BIOS. Also will
support a 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy drive. Can also use parallel ports.

Anyhoo the two boards are snuggled up together in an antistatic
bag and stored with the rest of my A2000 bridgeboard stuff.

AT emulator sandwich board for A2286AT.

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