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Entry 18th September 2021: Post 3: YouTube - Avoiding the adverts.

YouTube - Avoiding the adverts.

Anyone using YouTube of late will appreciate just how they have
increased the number of adverts. Well here is the thing if you right
click the video right at the very beginning and copy the embed code
you can paste it into your own simple web page created in NOTEPAD
on your PC and watch the video endlessly without any adverts.

You have to make sure the video didn't initially carry an advert
or have block advert at the base at the beginning. If you can get a
clean entry into a video then nab the embed code and paste into your
own page. Just open NOTEPAD, title it tag HTML and the paste in and
save as a HTML document on your desktop. Easy peasy.

Anyhoo here is the very wonderful Lux winning the day in my most
favourite online game right now, League of Legends. Classic.

YouTube - Avoiding the adverts.

Addicted to League of Legends

Lux wins the day

Just press the play centre of image.

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