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Entry 21st September 2021: Post 1: Amiga in the home- Such Kindwords.

Amiga in the home- Such Kindwords.

When I read current forum posts in respect of the Amiga it is
easy to believe that the Amiga is and was just a games machine.
This was most definitely not the case. Most families of the day
that used the Amiga would certainly all benefit from the computer.
It was at the core of the families interests and whilst one may
have been writing documents, another may have been programming
and another doodling or creating art work.

The very first Amiga 500 that I collected was very much a family
computer. I recall the various files and projects on disks. What
I found most interesting was the imaginative way Kindwords had
been used. For me I was entrenched into Wordworth, but from the
many disks that I collected over the years it is obvious that
Kindwords was very popular with the family.

I have this one disk box loaded with Kindwords stuff, and in
addition there are disks for other applications. The range of
files cover all ages of the family from a five year old writing
a poem, someone writing an adventure game, another creating an
animation in DPaint and dad writing a manual for circuits. The
disks offer a snapshot of a family of the 1987 era using the
Amiga 500 in the home.

No disk collection of the period wouldn't be without the odd
game and in this instance it was The Art of Chess. No surprise as
this family were obviously educated somewhat and no doubt mom and
dad only wanted the machine to have serious use. After all it was
their pride and joy and much loved by the look of it.

I maintain disk collections when I can and it is important that
such memories are remembered. Otherwise the only supposed use
for these Amigas would seem to be quite moronic game play. This
was not the case. The Amiga 500 is a computer. Something lost
sadly on the Gotek download community of modern forum users.

So thanks for the 'Kindwords' it served to capture a moment in time.

Amiga in the home- Such Kindwords.

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