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Entry 22nd September 2021: Post 1: The BBC on the Amiga.

The BBC on the Amiga.

I was doing a review of the demise of the Amiga in the mid 90s
and tripped across this article on the BBC emulation for the Amiga.
I have commented on numerous times that one avenue of thought for
anyone trying to use an emulator is to use the Amiga as the
vehicle to fire up an emulator using any number of free downloads
from Aminet. So many emulators these days come with a price but
Aminet is absolutely free.

OK to Amiga Format February 1997. I am deficient the Vulcan game
Jet Pilot cover disk, but in my defence the cover disks are on
the CD No 10 for that month and I already had the demo on my
Amiga Computing disks. In the latter years of Format you had a
choice of CD or disk and really it was all on the CD.

Part of my review of the demise of the Amiga covered things like
the deficiency in graphics cards on the base A1200. This is itemised
out in the mag under ten reasons you needed one.

OK cover disks aside, there is the article from the mag about the
BBC and the ORIC and then we have the actual emulators on the
CD. Which work wonderfully, if you like that kind of thing. Me, I
was more interested in readers games and the 'bestest' game ever on
PD which is Mine Runner, which incidently is Jack Tramiel's sons
favourite game. Go get it.

Anyhoo I also recall that I had the BBC emulator on a PD disk
called MM90-Enhancer version 1.0b. So I hot footed up here to this
Amiga 1200 and sure enough there it was. I risked shaky hands with
no tripod but it all worked. I must apologise for the screen off
the 1084S on the 4000, the camera just can't handle the pictures
off that monitor. Really odd that given that they are sharp as a
button in reality.

I finish with some snaps of a couple of my machines. The first
BBC is a load of junk that I use for pictures. My BBC B in use sits
just above my trusty A1200 in the Workshop. The ORIC sadly is a
truly dreadful computer. The keyboard is a pain in the whatsit.

Anyhoo that was an interesting diversion. Think I'll go lie down
now as I am scheduled to play some heavy gaming later and my mage
arm is a bit stiff... ooh err !!

Hope that made sense.. to someone.. ANYONE?

The BBC on the Amiga.

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