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Entry 24th September 2021: Post 1: Digita Wordworth - To the bitter end.

Digita Wordworth - To the bitter end.

When I reflect on the latter part of the nineties and the Amiga I
am always a touch saddened by the demise of the platform. It is
quite incredible that makers of games and software supported the
Amiga for so long given that no actual computer was on the shelves.
For great periods of the nineties companies were placing their
business trust in a product that had ceased to be.

One company that stayed with the Amiga to the bitter end was Digita
International who furnished Amiga users with constantly upgraded
products. They were tireless in their efforts to create a very
professional looking product, bucking the trend of many to become
more PD and shareware based.

My first software that I used with the Amiga was DPaint and the
second was Wordworth. The early nineties were not kind to me and
I used Wordworth almost every day in my efforts to sustain my very
existence. I cannot praise the product enough for what it gave me
in my struggles to survive.

Sadly I note that Digita International were dissolved as a company.
A sad end to a product that deserved better from a failed computer
manufacturer. When Commodore went bust they sent ripples throughout
the industry causing many sleepless nights for supporting businesses.
A lot threw in the towel, but thankfully some stood firm.

Anyhoo, whilst researching another blog I found a completed offer
form inside one of my Amiga Format magazines. The guy that filled in
the form signed and dated it but obviously never sent the money. In
that moment of pause I am sure the guy reflected on the likelihood
of supporting the platform having any lasting good. Like many at the
end it was heartbreaking to see one by one companies and publishers
ceasing to exist.

And so I thought I would feature that magazine, together with the
CDs that were produced updating Wordworth from 6 to 7. I have no idea
how many Amiga users still purchased the product at the end, but my
guess is that it wasn't many. Hats off to Digita for all their efforts
and through pages like these I choose to celebrate their work. I for
one was very grateful for all that they did.

Digita Wordworth - To the bitter end.

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