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Entry 26th September 2022: Post 1: GVP A1230 Turbo+ Series II.

GVP A1230 Turbo+ Series II.

Been in the workshop for the best part of today and doing a bit
of pre-winter tidying up after the nightmare that was the summer.
Seasons seem to be just hot and or wet here these days. I do
enjoy putting things away after the summer cus I inevitably get
time to fiddle and play a little more with the Amigas. Today I
was sidetracked by the Amiga 1200 with the GVP accelerator and
a heavy session with Syndicate.

What amazed me after all these years is that the clock on the
GVP is still accurate. Just a couple of minutes out. I bought the
accelerator in the March of 1995 from Silica in Southampton. I
had been struggling with SimCity 2000 which was slower than a
very slow thing. When the city got heavily developed it would
take literally minutes for the screen to refresh when I rotated
the view. All this changed when I got the GVP.

The card cost me three hundred quid but was worth every penny.
The only real issue I had was with some games that did catchy
up with the graphics, like in Sensi Soccer, where the game
played no problem but the sequencing of some of the animated
figures suddenly went into fast motion to catch up with the
music and general game play. I also had a problem sometimes
with the PCMCIA and one or two games and bits of software. For
the most part it was a magic card. Not that much  memory but
still enough for what I generally did.

I cannot fault GVP as a company. I have so much stuff of theirs
and it really has stood the test of time. I have two of these
cards and they have never failed me.

Anyhoo, my general cleaning, tidying up and playing Settlers and
Syndicate got in the way of everything today, so that is all I
did. Has been a busy few days one way or another doing chores
but I'm getting into winter mode now and so looking forward to
more time with the whole collection. Time to take off the old
dust covers as it were.

Happy days.

GVP A1230 Turbo+ Series II.

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