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Commodore Amiga 4000d

New to the collection we have two Amiga 4000d's
together with an A3000d... The image shows the
relative size of the A4000d and A3000d


Click here for super-sized image | car_100305_l

A4000D A4000D A4000D A4000D

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Yet another A4000d finds it's way into the collection

A4000d A4000d

And you gotta say she is in great shape

Previously added to the collection

A4000d 040

a4000d a4000d a4000d a4000d

a4000d a4000d a4000d a4000d

Commodore Amiga 4000 Desktop - board revision B
Phase 5 Blizzard 4030 accelerator with 68030/50 CCU
with MMU and 68882/50 FPU - 2 Mb chip RAM
12 Mb fast RAM - Kickstart ROM`s 3.1 - super Buster 11
New battery - original hd floppy drive assembly (1.76 Mb)
840 Mb IDE non removable disk furnished with Amiga OS 3.1
8x IDE CD ROM ............ all translated from the German

a4000d a4000d a4000d a4000d

A4000 A4000 A4000

My second A4000d with scan-doubler and SCSI hard drive

a4000d a4000d a4000d a4000d

My third A4000d /040 which sadly suffered battery damage

A4000D_mobo A4000D_mobo

Time for a new motherboard me thinks. And so after
sourcing a suitable candidate from the States I fitted
the new board on 17th April 2005, and she now works fine

Click to see how I changed the A4000D motherboard

Having fully restored the A4000 above to it's former
glory, I added a new hard drive, operating system .. plus
a new graphics and sound card... Plus a fast serial port
and SCSI controller. My goodness, what a lucky Amiga

The PicassoIV Cometh

a4000 a4000 a4000 a4000

a4000 a4000 a4000

The busted A4000d restored and fully 'locked and loaded'

A4000d with Cybervision64 and Multiface

net net

net net

Yet another A4000d added to the collection

a4000 a4000 a4000 a4000

This A4000d/040 came fully populated and had this
very sexy fan mounted on the port plate.. My first
job was to Install a Picasso II card and update the
operating system to OS3.9

New Motherboard for January 2008

a4000 motherboard

Copyright Matthias Münch 2006

a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard

a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard

Answer regarding the mystery IDE connector...

It's a NoIDE hardware hack, to disable the IDE port
(useful when used with a SCSI controller to avoid the
30 sec boot delay)...Thanks Framiga Amiga Org

a4000 motherboard a4000 motherboard

The NoIDE links pins 3 and 5 with pin 39

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