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Entry 31st December 2023: Post 1: Amiga 500 - How much longer?

Amiga 500 - How much longer?

So how much longer ? A question that can have many connotations.
Maybe it's a reflection on what might have been if Commodore had
survived and possibly the chances of them rising from the ashes.
Sadly I kinda gave up any hope of Commodore ever making a come
back after Escom caved.

So how much longer ? A question maybe of my own demise and just
how long can I keep this retro interest going. I've been fascinated
by home computers since 1981 and that is over forty years ago. My
A1200 Desktop Dynamite was thirty years old just a month or so ago.
My website is now twenty years old so maybe it is time to give it
all up and maybe start thinking about parting with the collection.

Not going to happen. I plan on dying at the keyboard of my A1200
playing Settlers.

So how much longer, is it going to be before I again extract this
Amiga 500 box and check the contents? I mean the last time I looked
was five years ago, and it looks like she hasn't aged a day. That
may seem a long time, but reflect on this. I have over 125 Amigas
and if I was to take the time to check one out every week of the
year then that would be two years before I circled back to the 1st.
Now add in all the retro computers that more than doubles that
figure and we are talking over four years. Now add in all my other
interests like gaming, books, peripherals etc and yes it is likely
to be another five years before I again crack open this box.

So let me circle back thro my previous questions. In my lifetime is
it likely I am going to view this computer many more times. Maybe
the computer needs to be saved and given to a worthy younger and
more agile Amigan. Or maybe gifted to a museum.


OK this Amiga 500 is a little beauty. I seriously doubt she was
ever used. Made in West Germany as an Amiga Model 500 and with the
1.2 ROM and so one of the earliest releases. She hasn't yellowed
which is a credit to West German quality control as they probably
used just the right specified intumescent in the paint work. She
is sealed and so guaranteed to have never been messed with.

This is a computer worthy of the Amiga name. She is without doubt
the most perfect specimen I have. The floppy works without fault
and she glows with that bright red early LED.

I am forever in love with my Amigas. I never get bored of having
a play. I acquired all this stuff not out of some OCD hoarding
issue. I acquired it cus I wanted every last bit of what I have.
I spend almost every waking hour with my computers. It is a love
affair that goes back forty years. I am a lucky man cus I never
like ever get bored. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't watch TV
and these days I spend most of my time in the workshop.

So let me return to the question... How much longer ? In truth I
just don't know. But there is but one end here, and all I can say
is that the Grim Reaper better be a better player of WoW than me.
Otherwise he's gonna have a long wait. One interesting side note
on that and this is a truth that happened the other morning. I
was asleep in my bed and I was dreaming of the same, asleep in
my bed. But I was in an office, strange how dreams work. Anyway
this dark cloaked creature moved toward me and it was the Grim
Reaper and he was carrying a knife. All I could think of was..
What would Bruce Willis do in this situation. So I jumped up and
head-butted the guy knocking his knife out of his hands and ran
the hell out of there. So funny.

To quote a WoW forum shout 'No you can't has my stuff'. Hope
that's not an unlucky omen. Fortunately 'I aint afraid of no ghosts'.

Happy new year . It is now officially 2024. What timing.

Amiga 500 - How much longer?

And some five years ago ....

~ 27th December 2018 ~

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