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Entry 5th January 2024: Post 1: Amiga 590 Plus 3.1 - Memorable days like these.

Amiga 590 Plus 3.1 - Memorable days like these.

Some days it really is a case of not seeing the woods for the trees.
Anyway ....

I was fascinated by a blog I made some years back on installing
Workbench 3.1 onto an A590 with a humble XT drive. I was truly
amazed at how I achieved this, but that wasn't my main interest.
For what ever reason I hadn't credited the computer I used. With
over 35 A500 candidates it was going to be a real challenge to
stick in my thumb and pull out that plumb.

The issue was complicated because the case was an A500 but the
motherboard was that of an A500 Plus. I have all my machines
numbered but this computer was not identified other than as an

The board had to be an A500 Plus cus the SysInfo was flagging the
2MB AGNUS and the ECS Denise. The confusion was the 3.1 ROM cus
I believed that that was in an A500 with an A590 that I have out on
the desktop.

Puzzle was solved when I looked over some of my recent entries
about the health check on my A500 Plus machines. Turns out the
computer was the one that housed the Solid State Leisure A5000.
Fortunately I had written on the label that I had tested the
machine by installing Workbench 3.1 onto an A590. Trouble was I
also tested the machine with a GVP sidecar and swapped the CPU
over. Further complicated cus the A5000 disguises the motherboard
cus it's so big.

The problem I now have is actually locating Computer No 21 and
the respective A590. You would think that would be easy. It really
is not. I've been thro most of the machines and still have not
found it. I also have a challenge and a half retrieving the A590.
So I am no further forward to taking some up to date pics. Never
mind old stock images will do.

I have linked the blog regarding the installation of 3.1 on the
A590 which I have to say amazed even me, and I was the one that
did this.

Anyhoo .. I spent the day unravelling the ravelling and still
have more revelling to unravel if you know what I mean. The moral
I guess is never put an A500 Plus board in an A500 case. What was
truly funny was in going through my old pictures I like never
clocked that the machine with the ROM with the big white label
saying OS3.1 was the machine in question. I had fixed in my mind
that I only had one 3.1 A500 and that didn't have an A500 Plus
motherboard. And that basically was the wood / trees issue. Duh.

Amiga 590 Plus 3.1 - Memorable days like these.

Amiga 500+ - 3.1 on an XT-Drive

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January19 1202: scuzzblog: Amiga 500+ - 3.1 on an XT-Drive

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