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Entry 20th May 2024: Post 1: If you don't 'under'stand your PlayStation.

If you don't 'under'stand your PlayStation.

I have been looking into buying a PlayStation 5 and have discovered
that much like the PS3 they have redesigned the first fat version
into a new 'slim' version. Further, they are selling the PlayStation
with or without the disc drive. That said I was a little surprised
to discover that the new slim doesn't have the sexy circular stand
but instead a couple of cheap looking plastic triangular feet. And
what is more just as with the PS2 you are expected to buy the stand
if you want your PS5 vertical.

I recall the days of the PS2 and the odd way it sat in front of the
TV monitor to my right here. It meant I had to have the TV set back
on the gaming unit. Fortunately those nice people at the Electronics
Boutique sold a very sexy support for the PS2. I often put down the
longevity of the PlatStation to standing it on its end.

Sadly I did have a mishap with the PS2 when an overzealous gaming
panic caused me to knock the PlayStation to the floor. The door
jammed in and had to dismantle the unit to fix the drawer. (see below).
I was playing ReVolt on the DreamCast at the time.

I was drawn to the PS5 again cus of Stellar Blade. Much like my love
for Yorha 2b and Nier Automata I had fallen in love with Eve. I have
been following Eve for a few years now and this year the game was
released under a new name Stellar Blade and with a redesigned Eve.

The game is very similar to Nier Automata and the main character has
a pleasant body form which is a kind of theme of my game interests.
There has been quite a fuss over Eve cus unlike the majority of games
currently on release the character is definitely 'sexy' and has some
wonderful curves. The game also allows the gamer to add costumes to
her inventory some of which are a little daring.

Fortunately Eve got under the wire before the 'woke' brigade, I think
that is what they are referred to, put the halt on SONY and the game
design. This didn't stop SONY from censoring the final version of the
game which fortunately there is a work around to enjoy the original

Personally I couldn't care less about political correctness in games
just as long as the main character is a female with a great body and
long flowing hair. But then I'm shallow like that. In the end the
games creators just don't enjoy my custom if they expect me to play
dull boring blokes with bald heads... Oh wait ! Except Hitman that is.

In the Game Stellar Blade Eve visits an old retro computer shop which
has all the classics on show including the SX64 and TRS80. Us nerds
notice stuff like that.

Two other games in the PS5 mix are Ada Wong Separate Ways and the
Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII, the second instalment.

When I pulled out the PS2 to take a few pics I noticed the last bank
of PS2 games I was playing when I mothballed the PlaStation back in
late 2007. Every one was a classic and from the various remakes over
the years have been regurgitated on many occasions. The Drakengard
game was actually the prequel to Nier Automata. I have to say that the
modern critics of sex and violence in games would have a heart attack
if they ever reviewed BloodRayne, especially in the way she despatches
hot 'damp' females with her trusty blades. Thank goodness I grew up
in a different time.

Like I say I care little about the gender, colour, sexual preferences
and or appearance of any character in film or game, just as long as
the emphasis is on entertainment and any bias doesn't get in the way
of the main fun aspect. The fact that I enjoy twiddling with sexy
chicks as the main protagonist is just a personal preference cus I'm
a gaming pervert.

Anyhoo the blog was to say that if you want your 'thang' to be in the
vertical position while you are playing with Eve in Stellar Blade you
are going to have to shell out for a stand. No pun intended. I can't
back that up.

By the way you should be 18 to read these blogs. Probably should have
mentioned that at the beginning. Oh sh**!

PS 'I'm not staying. I still have house stuff to do '.

If you don't 'under'stand your PlayStation.

That scratch ! I did that ....

The day I broke the PS2

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What I was playing when I broke it.

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