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Entry 24th October 2022: Post 1: The 'Expand-Sive' Amiga.

The 'Expand-Sive' Amiga.

'Expand-Sive', not a word, I know, but it refers a state of being
for the Amiga that for me makes anything less than a real Amiga a
pointless, meaningless computer. So what am I taking about ? Can
you plug a peripheral or expansion used in the day for a real Amiga
into the modern equivalent , whether within a new tin box or as
part of a retro clone.

I applaud all the efforts of those developing emulators and I can
also see the merit in protecting the Amigas software and game
portfolio by creating modern images that can be run on an emulator.
However, until such a time as a would-be alternative can do everything
that an original Amiga could do... visa-vie stuff you can plug in, I
stay fixed to my original kit, just so I can use Vidi-Amiga, say.

I didn't buy my Amiga originally to play games. The string of items
that I purchased in the day were anything but. These items all were
requiring the various ports on the Amiga to make their magic work.
The first a PCMCIA 4MB RAM card needing the small PCMCIA slot. The
next is a Vidi-Amiga digitizer that used both the Parallel and the
power off the floppy drive. Then there was the GVP Turbo accelerator
plugged into the trapdoor expansion. I have a XL-Drive plugged into
the floppy port. My Techno-Sound Turbo plugged into the rear port.
That's without my Surf-Squirrel, SCSI KIT and various other devices.

I have a literal plethora of expansions for each of the models and
so I am hardly going to forfeit all these for the sake of an
emulating device that can't even load a simple original floppy disk.

I hear cries for an A500 maxi, a larger version of the mini a500.
I am pretty sure this will have a hardware emulator inside driving
a USB keyboard and Gotek with a possible external floppy option.
Whether it builds in the ports necessary to feed various original
expansions I know not. A simple test would be being able to connect
any new Amiga emulating device via a simple ParNET cable to a
second Amiga real computer.

For now I see only the modern Checkmate as the solution to giving
modern usability whilst retaining the fundamental and essential
aspects of the original hardware. I really don't mind an upgraded
PCB that runs different architecture to mimic the Amiga, but, what
I can't be without is somewhere to plug my stuff in. You really
can have the fastest Amiga emulator on the planet, but if there
is nowhere to bung in a floppy and plug in my digitizer, then it
just isn't going to cut it.

I have no need or inclination to buy a retro mini, it really would
not in anyway meet my specific criteria for an Amiga. What I do
desire is more modern kit, but only if it can do all that my original
can do. I really can't be without my gadgets and what not.

Here are some ...

The 'Expand-Sive' Amiga.

PS. A cracked game is not an original game.
Fairlight didn't make games they simply
cracked them illegally.

This is an original game. Note the manual
and original disks. Something you don't
get with WoTLoad and a bucket load of pilfered
so called 'abandonware'. Sorry for that.

It is possible today to still be a real
Amigan. You just have to try a bit harder.

The white Amiga

I so love the Amiga ... The proper Amiga.

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