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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 25th September 2018: Post 01: GVP030 Two days backing up

GVP030 Two days backing up
Bit of a rush job this. If you recall I was struggling with the
Amiga 2000 with the GVP030 card, cus basically the hard drive is
well past it's sell by date and was threatening to fall over.
Anyway it didn't get any better and I concluded that if I switched
her off this time she probably wasn't going to come back any time

I concluded that it best that I leave the computer on, set up a
Parnet with the A600 with the CF card and get cracking copying
over this quite immense library of files, images, samples and
AMOS programs. There was a lot to do and trust me it was a
mammoth task.

I rigged up the A600 albeit in quite a crude way sitting on a
couple of old PCs. I then spent two days with the computer on
day and night copying files. Once done I transferred the whole
lot to an Amiga 1200 doing the very same again and then finally
copying to three ZIP disks.

All done now but seriously slow from the 2000. And yet surprisingly
fast to the A1200 with the Blizzard Turbo. Odd that. All safe
now and I guess its probably time to say goodbye to that SCSI
drive. It deserves a rest now. Just need to find a new one now.

How hard can that be ?

GVP030 - Backing Up

Rewind a couple of weeks ago

You may recall me stripping down the Amiga 2000.

The GVP030 is connected to this 3.5" SCSI drive.

Was a real struggle booting her up.

The drive is so full of Amiga goodies.

But I think she is finally about to fall over.

And so it really is time to get busy.

So I prepared the machine for a Parnet-Transfusion.

And the data transfer was begun.

The A600 set up crude but effective.

I needed quite a lot of hard drive space.

Sadly the process was real slow going.

Took a full two days in all... Day and night.

Evidence of a bracketed card to the end bay.

The A600 CF card blinking away.

Once complete it was time to fire up the ZIP drive.

First up a full copy of the Workbench.

And finally copies of the hard drives.

And so I safely backed up the whole hard drive.
There were a number of Checksum errors and I made a
note of the files so I can rebuild the software.
Also for some reason the A600 had a software failure
at odd times and I needed to reboot. Amazingly the
transfer would pause on the A2000 and then simply
carry on when I hit the Boot Host button on the 600.
All complete now and the A2000 is resting. Two full
days she ran without any problem. It really is just
a case of a broken heart.

There was such a lot of AMOS and DICE stuff on the
machine plus loads and loads of mods and samples.

That was a struggle in more ways than one

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