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Entry 25th September 2018: Post 01: GVP030 Two days backing up

Amiga 2000 Backing Up

Amiga 2000 Backing Up

And finally copies of the hard drives.

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And so I safely backed up the whole hard drive.
There were a number of Checksum errors and I made a
note of the files so I can rebuild the software.
Also for some reason the A600 had a software failure
at odd times and I needed to reboot. Amazingly the
transfer would pause on the A2000 and then simply
carry on when I hit the Boot Host button on the 600.
All complete now and the A2000 is resting. Two full
days she ran without any problem. It really is just
a case of a broken heart.

There was such a lot of AMOS and DICE stuff on the
machine plus loads and loads of mods and samples.

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