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Scuzzblog diaries - June 2018

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Got a date with a ghost!! - June Entries

J U N E - 2 0 1 8

June08 0801: scuzzblog: NewBrain - Grundy NewBrain Model A

June08 0802: scuzzblog: O R I C - The very red and black Oric Atmos

June08 0803: scuzzblog: Genius Box - Not just a mouse

June08 0804: scuzzblog: Nintendo - Control Deck ' not a console ' by Mattel

June07 0701: scuzzblog: Toshiba MSX - The HX-10 KIT

June07 0702: scuzzblog: Enterprise Sixty Four - Egg on the Face

June07 0703: scuzzblog: Amstrad CPC6128 - A blow from SEGA

June07 0704: scuzzblog: Atari 1050 - A touch closer

June06 0602: scuzzblog: EG2000 - Colour Genie - What's with the big numbers

June06 0601: scuzzblog: Philips G7000 - Videopac Computer with a pointless keyboard

June05 0502: scuzzblog: SEGA Mega Drive II - So it was you who broke it

June05 0501: scuzzblog: Memotech - MTX500


June04 0403: scuzzblog: Amstrad CPC464 - Back to BASICs

Sinclair QL

June04 0402: scuzzblog: Sinclair - QL

Sinclair Light Phaser

June04 0401: scuzzblog: Sinclair - Magnum Light Phaser

Acorn Archimedes A3010-A3020

June03 0301: scuzzblog: My Acorn Army - A3010 and A3020 reporting for duty - Phase I

Acorn Archimedes A3010

June03 0302: scuzzblog: My Acorn Army - A3010 reporting for duty - Phase II

Acorn Archimedes A3010

June03 0303: scuzzblog: My Acorn Army - A3010s reporting for duty - Phase III

Acorn Archimedes A3010

June03 0304: scuzzblog: My Acorn Army - A3010 and A3020 Proof Pudding - Phase IV


June02 0201: scuzzblog: Commodore VIC-20 - The things we do for love

May 2018 Entries

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May25 2502: scuzzblog: Commodore Plus/4 - Getting it wrong MSX style

May25 2501: scuzzblog: Spectravideo SVI-728 - The birth of MSX

May24 2402: scuzzblog: Sanyo PHC-28L 64KB - Ordinateur Personnel MSX

May24 2401: scuzzblog: Yamaha CX-5ME - Music Computer MSX

May23 2302: scuzzblog: Atari XEGS - Or just XEGS..... ' Gaming System '

May23 2301: scuzzblog: Atari 1040ST - Is it an F or an M or an E

May22 2201: scuzzblog: Atari Lynx - In need of big pockets

May22 2202: scuzzblog: Hand-helds - How many have you carried

May22 2203: scuzzblog: NEO GEO - What's with the big joystick thingy

May21 2102: scuzzblog: ' Killing Stuff '

May21 2101: scuzzblog: PS1 .. Heaven is a 'halfpipe'

May20 2001: scuzzblog: GVP - Losing power

May20 2002: scuzzblog: GVP .. Future-proofing

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