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Scuzzblog diaries - May 2018

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Got a date with a ghost!! - May Entries

May25 2502: scuzzblog: Commodore Plus/4 - Getting it wrong MSX style

May25 2501: scuzzblog: Spectravideo SVI-728 - The birth of MSX

May24 2402: scuzzblog: Sanyo PHC-28L 64KB - Ordinateur Personnel MSX

May24 2401: scuzzblog: Yamaha CX-5ME - Music Computer MSX

May23 2302: scuzzblog: Atari XEGS - Or just XEGS..... ' Gaming System '

May23 2301: scuzzblog: Atari 1040ST - Is it an F or an M or an E

May22 2201: scuzzblog: Atari Lynx - In need of big pockets

May22 2202: scuzzblog: Hand-helds - How many have you carried

May22 2203: scuzzblog: NEO GEO - What's with the big joystick thingy

May21 2102: scuzzblog: ' Killing Stuff '

May21 2101: scuzzblog: PS1 .. Heaven is a 'halfpipe'

May20 2001: scuzzblog: GVP - Losing power

May20 2002: scuzzblog: GVP .. Future-proofing

May19 1901: scuzzblog: BBC A3000 - Very British .. In need of a monitor

May19 1902: scuzzblog: Acorn A3010 and Amstrad join forces

May19 1903: scuzzblog: BBC A3000 - From the outside

May19 1904: scuzzblog: BBC A3000 - Saved by the Microvitec

May18 1803: scuzzblog: A590: Rev 6 and Rev 7 board differences

May18 1801: scuzzblog: A590 - Oh no !!! One of my A590s went AWOL

May18 1802: scuzzblog: A590 - An A500 running 3.1 off a 3.1.. Seriously !!

May17 1701: scuzzblog: Amiga 4000d 040 - A bit of all white

May17 1702: scuzzblog: Amiga 4000d 040 - Whot's in your Amiga

May17 1703: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 030 - Whot's in your Amiga

May16 1601: scuzzblog: Amiga 4000d - Ben meets Marjorie !!

May16 1602: scuzzblog: Amiga 4000d - Ben meets Marjorie !!: Continued

May15 1501: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Amiga with Intel inside... What horror is this?

May15 1502: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - COMPUTER DO NOT SWITCH OFF.

May15 1503: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Amy Amy Amy !!!!.

May14 1401: scuzzblog: Amiga 600 - Confide in me: Part 1

May14 1402: scuzzblog: Amiga 600 - Confide in me - Firing up: Part 2

May14 1403: scuzzblog: Amiga 600 - Confide in me - Games time: Part 3

May13 1302: scuzzblog: SpectraColor - Wanted this for 'Aegis'

May13 1301: scuzzblog: Amiga 600 - A little understood

May12 1201: scuzzblog: Atari - More 'Candy' for the Atari 400

May11 1101: scuzzblog: Panasonic Real 3D0 FZ-1 - Or the Wadda-Cudda Console


May11 1102: scuzzblog: Bandai PiPPin - an Apple of a Console

May10 1001: scuzzblog: Philips CD-i 220 - Can't blame them for trying

May09 0904: scuzzblog: A570 - A bit early or a bit late

May09 0903: scuzzblog: A690 - Not for the A600 then ?

May09 0902: scuzzblog: A520 - Modulating the Model Numbers

May09 0901: scuzzblog: A590 - Party Mix

May08 0801: scuzzblog: CDTV - Commodore's Blackest Day: Part I

May08 0802: scuzzblog: CDTV - Unboxing the Commodore CDTV: Part II

May08 0803: scuzzblog: CDTV - Playing the Commodore CDTV: Part III

Portable Retrospective

Portable Retrospective ... Just to complete the series
Blogs from diaries past ~ Anything with a handle

Portable Retrospective: Diary: Amstrad PPC 640 - Loadsa batteries

Portable Retrospective: Diary: The Amstrad PPC512

Portable Retrospective: Diary: The Amstrad ALT-386SX - Bag of Sugar

Portable Retrospective: Diary: Commodore C128D and not cost reduced

Portable Retrospective: Diary: Commodore SX64 - Last of the year

Portable Retrospective: Diary: Datavue 25 - Not so luggable

Portable Retrospective: Diary: Sharp PC-7221 - Lunchbox

And we are back to May 2018

May06 0602: scuzzblog: Toshiba Satellite Pro - Millennium Falcon in the Loading Dock

May06 0601: scuzzblog: Zenith Data Systems - Z NOTE 433 Lnp+

May05 0503: scuzzblog: Compaq Portable - The original first one

May05 0502: scuzzblog: Compaq Portable III - Much the same but earlier

May05 0501: scuzzblog: Compaq Portable 386 - Spot the difference

May04 0402: scuzzblog: Apricot .. Apricot Portable

May04 0401: scuzzblog: ACT Xi .. Apricot Portable

May03 0303: scuzzblog: IBM PS/2 P70 386 Portable ... two of em

May03 0302: scuzzblog: Commodore Black 1084S CDTV Monitor

May03 0301: scuzzblog: I came in search of a black monitor.. PS/2, Apricot, Compaq, 1084S

May02 0201: scuzzblog: Osborne 1 - And seriously, not a sewing machine

May01 0102: scuzzblog: Amstrad PCW8256 keyboard issues Updated

May01 0101: scuzzblog: The door to the Amiga A4000T

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