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Entry 31st July 2020: Post 1: Amiga 500 A590 and GVP Sidecars

Amiga 500 A590 and GVP Sidecars

Man is it hot today. I keep trying to keep the blogs going by
braving the heat, but sadly this again will be the last for a
while. I was unable to photograph anything today so I have done
a reflective post.

I have reviewed the A590 and the GVP A500-HD8 in the past and
given my inability to battle the heat today I provide my blogs
of old. Both these sidecars are a real treasure and barely
anything between them in terms of functionality. Sure there are
differences but given the nature of the Amiga 500 they do the
job of providing external storage very well. My only preference
is that I tend to use the GVP with 2.04 and the A590 with 1.3.
Not that that really matters as I have an A590 running 3.1.

The only down side to both these units is the special power
supply needed. They are becoming rarer than the drives sadly.

So here goes my recent features. And sorry for no new blogs.
You can blame that one on the weather. I hate the summer.

Amiga 500 A590 and GVP Sidecars

A590 Sidecar

A590 Sidecar in action

GVP Sidecar

GVP Sidecar in action

A530 Turbo Sidecar in action

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