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Entry 16th November 2023: Post 1: Amiga 1200 No 01 - The Workhorse.

Amiga 1200 No 01 - The Workhorse.

You would think that Amiga 1200 No 1 would be my beloved original
Amiga 1200 from 1993. You would be wrong. When numbering my 1200s
I chose to start with the Amiga 1200 that I used the most. She
sits at point in the workshop and is used pretty much for every
task I undertake linking various other Amiga models.

The history of this computer is somewhat chaotic. I purchased the
machine by winning an auction for just eleven pounds. It wasn't
unusual in the day to pick up Amigas cheap. What made this auction
special was that on 9th July 2004 I not only won the A1200 but a
whole load of boxed games. In addition the machine was an Escom
badged HD model with a hard drive. Pretty impressive for 11 quid.

She became the feature of a series of articles I ran on the site
at the time about upgrading the Amiga. This established the A1200
as my workhorse as she gained through the process SCSI capability
via a Squirrel I had purchased for my A1200 in the Magic Pack;  an
external CD-ROM, SCSI hard drives, ZIP, Blizzard 1230IV, high
density external XL drive, modem and upgraded for the first time
on any of my machines to OS3.9.

All of the upgrades are documented in the following entries to the
website for July 2004. They were also featured on my newly created
Yahoo Group Commodore-Amiga-Retro which became the name associated
with the website.

The A1200 is a treasure and so important to me. The drives are
littered with archives gained not only from my drives but from
drives captured from other Amigas rescued from auctions. There is
really very little I cannot find on this computer.

She also houses my full collection of animations that I created on
the Vidi-Amiga with one of my favourites of Madonna from the 1995
Brit Awards. Simply classic.

So not much more I can add other than there are a number of help
guides in the help section on the website. Like so many other pages
littered on this site they tend to drag you down a rabbit hole that
is tricky to navigate so always have that back button on hand to
get out of the nightmare.

Anyway... back to 9th July 2004 I guess, and what I said in the day.

DATED 9th July 2004

I won a Commodore 1200 on Ebay last week.. This was interesting cus
I think the guy listed it incorrectly, and consequently I got an
A1200 plus goodies for 11 quid. Anyway, I opened the big box today, and
it's not a Commodore, it's an Amiga A1200HD. I thought, surely not a
hard-drive. Anyway, I just fired her up and she`s got a 80MB hard-
drive in. Very quiet also. One partition filled with games, and the
Workbench, well the Workbench is a bit of a mess. Sadly the guy has
screwed the case back together and punched the screws through the
front face, and the LED lights don`t work. No probs especially when
you think for 11 quid  I also got the following..

Amiga A1200HD 80MB hard-drive ( making it a new revision machine )
The actual Siren Software hard-drive install guide.
Clear plastic joystick.
Black new style Amiga mouse.
Analogic power unit ( new )
Boxed Game: UFO
Boxed Game: Settlers
Boxed Game: Alien Breed
Boxed Game: K240
Boxed Game: Realms
Boxed Game: Sim City
Boxed Game: Premier Manager 2
Boxed Game: Premier Manager
Boxed Game: Premier Manager 3
Boxed Game: Dune II
Boxed Game: World of Lemmings
Boxed Game: Sleep Walker
Boxed Game: Valhalla Lords of Infinity
Boxed Game: Valhalla The Fortress of Eve
Boxed Game: Timekeepers
Boxed Game: Valhalla Before the War
Siren Software Install Disks
A1200 manuals
Boxed Game: DNA
Official Game (no box ): Elite II
Official Game (no box ): Civilization
Official Game (no box ): Space Crusade
Official Game (no box ): Tetris
Official Game (no box ): Armour Geddon
Official Game (no box ): Detroit
Official Game (no box ): Bograts
Plus a number of cover disks.

And that price again eleven UK pounds plus postage.

So you`ve bought an A1200

Wanna know what to do with it ?
Here`s what I did with an 11 quid Amiga A1200 from Ebay

Days 1 to 3 ~ She`s alive !

Day 4 ~ A case of the DDs
Fitting a replacement floppy drive

Day 5 ~ The Blizzard Cometh
Fitting an accelerator

Day 6 ~ Feed the Squirrel
Fitting a CD-ROM drive

Day 7 ~ Hard drivin` the A1200
Fitting an external and internal hard drive

Day 8 ~ ZIP-it` the A1200
Fitting an Iomega ZIP drive

Day 9 ~ A brighter Outlook ` the modem and the A1200
Modem at the Ready A step by step guide to getting on-line

Day 10 ~ Back to the Future ` ... in need of a new heart
Not just a new OS But new ROMS also

Amiga 1200 No 01 - The Workhorse

Emma such a clever girl. Also known as Spike.
3.1 ROM 40.48 and 45.3 with Analogic Squirrel
Tecmar external SCSI and a second external
SCSI. Power Computing CD-ROM and Iomega ZIP
Drive. Blizzard 1230IV Turbo with 32MB RAM.

Running off a Microvitec and Parnetted to an
A4000d. Two external 3.5 SCSI and an internal
2.5" 450mb

The computer is used daily for ZIP disks.and
backing up ADF files from the A4000d.

Meet Spike.. So named cus some idiot
screwed the front panel on so tight
the screws came through the front plastic

Renamed to Emma as she was such a clever girl.

Usual array of ZIP, SCSI drives and CD-ROM

The hard drive sits beyond

Busy computer this as all the machines
generally feed into this computer and is
archived and Zipped for the library

Runs off a Microvitec and OS3.9

All my machines generally have the same
DOpus configuration....

That way I can find my Madonna
animations real easy

The computer is on a Parnet to the A4000

Has an essential store of books above

Recently discovered lost images.

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