ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2021

Entry 11th October 2021: Post 2: Make your own Workbench disks.

Make your own Workbench disks.

Here is a hefty guide on how to make your own Workbench disks.

Make your own Workbench disks.


December 2nd 0201: scuzzblog: Baybench 1.3 - Make your own WB

December 3rd 0302: scuzzblog: Baybench 1.3 - Adding Disk Master.

December 3rd 0301: scuzzblog: Baybench 1.3 - Adding MultiDOS.

December 4th 0401: scuzzblog: Baybench 1.3 - UNZIP and ADF.

December 5th 0501: scuzzblog: Baybench 1.3 - ADF and TSGUI.

January 25th 2501: scuzzblog: Amiga 500 - BayBench and Newlook.

Bench for the A500 PLUS

October20 1401: scuzzblog: Creating your own Workbench disk.

October20 1501: scuzzblog: PlusBench - Amiga A500Plus homemade WB.

October20 1601: scuzzblog: MultiDOS PlusBench - Updated to read PC disks.

October20 1702: scuzzblog: Creating a scuzzbench boot disk.


December19 2603: scuzzblog: Amiga - CrossDOS.

April20 1502: scuzzblog: AmigaDOS - The Shell and CLI.

April20 1901: scuzzblog: Amiga - Writing your own BOOTBLOCK.

December 18th 1801: scuzzblog: BootWriter - bootblock.library and brainfile.

December 11th 1101: scuzzblog: BayBench 1.3 - BASIC Extras.

October 9th 0901: scuzzblog: Amiga FixDisk and WorkStation.

March20 2301: scuzzblog: Getting LhA onto your computer.

Workbench 3.0

December 10th 1001: scuzzblog: FreeBench 3.0 - Make your own Workbench.

September20 0501: scuzzblog: Amiga - Transferring a PC ADF file.

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