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S E P T E M B E R - 2 0 1 8

~ September Updates ~

I have been having a play with the way photographs
are viewed via the Blog page. Previously images were
simply stand alone. I have now placed all larger
photographs on their own page and made it so by
simply clicking the image you move to the next and
so on. So try September 9th out and see if this
works better. Sadly quite a lot of work involved
so if it proves successful its going to take me a
while to update all the pages.

An 'UPDATED' next to the blog means I have changed
the format. I shall do a couple a day. Takes a while.

~ September 25th ~

September18 2501: scuzzblog: GVP030 - Two days backing up

~ September 23rd ~

September18 2301: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - SCSI

~ September 21st ~

September18 2101: scuzzblog: Amiga - Collecting Stuff

~ September 9th Updated ~

September18 0901: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - GVP A1230+ Turbo

September18 0902: scuzzblog: Why struggle like this ?

~ September 8th Updated ~

September18 0801: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - Data Protection

~ September 7th ~


September18 0701: scuzzblog: Amiga 500 - VIPER 520 CD

~ September 6th ~

September18 0601: scuzzblog: Amiga - SWOSTED

September18 0602: scuzzblog: Amiga - SWOSTED Part II

~ September 5th ~

September18 0501: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - MaxTransfer

~ September 4th ~

September18 0401: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - Busted Floppy

September18 0402: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - Floppy burning smell

~ September 3rd ~

September18 0301: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Confused ... You will be !!

~ September 2nd ~

September18 0201: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Back together again.

~ September 1st ~

September18 0101: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Games Time.

September18 0102: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Games Time Part II.

September18 0103: scuzzblog: Elvira you failed me.


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Man it was a dreadful retro summer

~ August 26th ~

August18 2601: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 Beginners Pack.

~ August 25th ~

August18 2501: scuzzblog: Amiga Format - Getting the most out of ..

~ August 24th ~

August18 2401: scuzzblog: A500 - Cartoon Classics - Contents may vary

~ August 23rd ~

August18 2301: scuzzblog: A500 - Cartoon Classics

~ August 22nd ~

August18 2201: scuzzblog: Time Lord - Back in time

~ August 21st ~

August18 2101: scuzzblog: K I X X - 1 9 9 3

~ August 20th ~

August18 2001: scuzzblog: Amiga 4000d - That PSU

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