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Scuzzblog diaries - March 2018

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Got a date with a ghost!! - March Entries

Mar16 1827: scuzzblog: A1000 with the A1060 Sidecar Working - Part 2

Mar16 1826: scuzzblog: A1000 with the A1060 Sidecar Working - Part 1

Mar15 1825: scuzzblog: A1200 - Unexpanded

Mar15 1824: scuzzblog: CD32 - Getting a rise out of the CD32

Mar14 1823: scuzzblog: 1060 and Disk Packs

Mar14 1822: scuzzblog: I'm in a black hole

Mar13 1821: scuzzblog: ADZ and decrunching those pesky Lemmings - Let's Go !!

Mar13 1820: scuzzblog: Commodore Laptop - You gotta be joking

Mar13 1819: scuzzblog: A2000-HC8-II - Hard Driving the 1500

Mar12 1818: scuzzblog: GEOS - I only wanted to create a backup disk

Mar12 1817: scuzzblog: C64 Corner - Poking about with my floppy

Mar12 1816: scuzzblog: 1541 - Out of the box finally

Mar12 1815: scuzzblog: MPS 803 - Time to look into the Matrix

Mar11 1814: scuzzblog: GEOS Boot Camp

Mar11 1813: scuzzblog: Datavue 25 - Not so luggable

Mar10 1812: scuzzblog: Amiga 1000 - Time to open the box

Mar10 1811: scuzzblog: Game Boy Color - Stowaway

Mar10 1810: scuzzblog: Amiga A2000HD - Surrogate failure

Mar09 1809: scuzzblog: Spectrum 48K keyboard membrane replacement

Mar09 1808: scuzzblog: Chasing the 5.25 - C64 drive checks

Mar08 1807: scuzzblog: Amiga World - What I would give for a time machine

Mar08 1806: scuzzblog: Telic Alcatel - Life before the Internet

Mar07 1805: scuzzblog: TRS80 Model 4 - Now I didn't know they were there !!

Mar07 1804: scuzzblog: Coming up - Mebeee

Mar06 1803: scuzzblog: Aminet

Mar05 1802: scuzzblog: Inside the Cifer Club

Mar03 1801: scuzzblog: Philips EL 3585/15 - Frozen in time


End of one Glorious Year

Entry February 27: Diary: Amiga Games Manuals - Some of them
Entry February 26: Diary: Amiga Action - Advanced Booklet Creation
Entry February 26: Diary: Fred Fish
Entry February 25: Diary: Sinclair Spectrum 16K - Seeing the difference
Entry February 25: Diary: The way we were ... No pressure
Entry February 25: Diary: HiSoft
Entry February 24: Diary: DC TV for the Amiga

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