Commodore Amiga Retro

Please remember that text for pages was originally
written for my Amiga 1200 to read... so thin paragraphs

Amiga Workbench

Help Links and Files

Help Topics

A500 / A501 Battery Problems
A4000 SIMM reference information
Hard Drive Links A1200
Networking Amiga to PC
Disk Mashing
Big Trouble
Creating an AmigaGuide document
Creating an 'auto-booting floppy disk'
Made on the Amiga A simple page created on the Amiga
Changing the A4000D processor board
Changing the A4000D motherboard
Rebuilding a busted A4000D
Battery Check
A3000UX damaged motherboard
Amiga Error Codes
Amiga C for the Amiga

So you`ve bought an A1200

Wanna know what to do with it ?
Here`s what I did with an £11 Amiga A1200 from Ebay
Days 1 to 3 ~ She`s alive !

Day 4 ~ A case of the DDs
Fitting a replacement floppy drive

Day 5 ~ The Blizzard Cometh
Fitting an accelerator

Day 6 ~ Feed the Squirrel
Fitting a CDRom drive

Day 7 ~ Hard drivin` the A1200
Fitting an external and internal hard drive

Day 8 ~ ZIP-it` the A1200
Fitting an Iomega ZIP drive

Day 9 ~ A brighter Outlook ` the modem and the A1200
Modem at the Ready A step by step guide to getting on-line

Day 10 ~ Back to the Future ` ... in need of a new heart
Not just a new OS But new ROMS also

` A new day ~ Whots up ` ... lights on but nobody in
Mouse port failure and no floppy... whoo er !

So you`ve bought an A500 motherboard

And you want to use it in a different case
Well check what I did with an old 500 Plus Case

So you`ve bought an A500

Fancy firing up some classic Amiga games ?
Well check what I did with my recently acquired A500

So you`ve bought an A500Plus

This machine was sold faulty ?
So why isn`t she working ?

Friends machine not working ?
More battery problems

So you`ve bought an A2000

So you want to fit extra RAM and an SCSI controller ?
And while your at it pop in a hard-drive for good measure

So you`ve bought an A2000

Lets replace that faulty hard drive
Last time we fitted the SCSI controller

So you`ve bought an A600

What is there to check on the machine ?
And how much punishment can an A600 take

Scratches head and thinks what can be wrong
Time to strip down to the motherboard

Breaking up is hard to do
Sadly the A600 is stripped to feed another

Magazine Reviews

Amiga Format ~ Christmas Past
Amiga Format Dec 1989
Amiga Format Dec 1990
Amiga Format Dec 1991
Amiga Format Dec 1992
Amiga Format Dec 1993
Amiga Format Dec 1994
Amiga Format Dec 1995
Amiga Format Dec 1996
Amiga Format Dec 1997
Amiga Format Dec 1998
Amiga Format Dec 1999

50 Things you should know about your Amiga.
From Amiga Format Dec 1999

Directory Opus Tutorial

Dopus4 Tutorial One
Disk Mashing

How to get on the NET

Getting on the Web with an Amiga

Imagine 3.0

Imagine 3D-Font Tutorial

Top Tips

01: Keyboard shortcuts make life a lot easier. Most
programs these days make use of RA-q to quit, but they
are also likely to use the following:

RA-x .....cut

RA ~ Right-AMIGA key

02: The ConClip function called in the start-up sequence
allows you to copy text from the shell. You can also use
MCX or MCP`s EditHook function to allow you to copy text
from textfields, or requesters. a lot of MUI textfields
also have this ability, meaning that you have to do far
less retyping of important text.

03: You don`t actually need a mouse to control Workbench:
the mouse controls can be simulated from the keyboard.
Press and hold down the left Amiga key. Then pressing
the cursors will move the pointer, left Alt will operate
as the left mouse button, Alt will operate as the
right mouse button.

04: ARexx is one of the Amiga`s most powerful features.
It is a scripting language which can be used to
communicate with application software, and even to
transfer data between packages which otherwise would
not be capable of co-operation. The RexxMast program
your Workbench System Drawer, must be run before any
ARexx scripts can be executed. This is not performed
by default Workbench setup. To correct this, you can
either drag RexxMast to your WBstartup drawer or add
the following line to your user-startup file ( located
in the s directory of your boot disk ) with a text
editor.. Run >NIL SYS:System/RexxMast.

05: Although by default Arexx is assigned to S: on a
standard start-up sequence, one of the first changes
you should make is to assign it to its own directory,
saving your S: directory from getting clogged up.

06: To make an Amiga floppy disk bootable, simply open
the SHELL and type in install df0: and the floppy will
become a bootable disk and launch the SHELL on boot up

The greatest decade of computing ...

Year - Event

1980 IBM hires Paul Allen and Bill Gates to create an operating
system for a new PC. The pair buy the rights to a simple operating
system manufactured by Seattle Computer Products and use it as a
template. IBM allows the two to keep the marketing rights to the
operating system, called DOS.
1980 IBM hires Microsoft to develop versions of BASIC, FORTRAN,
and Pascal for the PC being developed by IBM.
1980 Microsoft licenses Unix and starts to develop a PC version,
1980 The programming language FORTRAN 77 is created.
1980 The first Tandy Color computer is introduced.
1980 AST is founded.
1980 FIC is founded.
1980 Iomega is established.
1980 Quantum is founded.

1981 Diskeeper is founded on July 22, 1981.
1981 MS-DOS 1.0 was released August, 1981.
1981 American National Standards Institute more commonly known as
ANSI was founded.
1981 IBM joins the computer race by introducing IBM PC, which runs
the new MS-DOS operating system.
1981 Kermit is developed at the Columbia University in New York
1981 Xerox introduces the graphical Star workstation. This computer
greatly influences the development of Apple’s future computer
models, Lisa and Macintosh, as well as Microsoft’s Windows.
1981 VHDL is proposed and begins development.
1981 Kenji Urada becomes the first human to be mistakenly killed by
a factory robot.
1981 VMEbus is developed.
1981 Hayes Introduces the Smartmodem 300 with its standard setting
AT command set and an operating speed of 300 bits per second.
1981 Adam Osborne introduces the Osborne I, the first successful
portable computer, which weighs 25 pounds.
1981 Hewlett-Packard Superchip the first 32-bit chip is introduced.
1981 Commodore ships the VIC-20, which later becomes the world’s
most popular computer costing only $299.95.
1981 Logitech is founded in Apples, Switzerland.
1981 Adaptec is founded.
1981 Gemlight is founded.
1981 Hayes releases the Smartmodem 1200 with transfer rates of
1,200 bits per second.
1981 CTX is established.
1981 Kensington is founded.

1982 Peter Norton creates Norton Utilities.
1982 Sony releases its first Trinitron monitor.
1982 SGI is founded.
1982 Maxtor is founded.
1982 Hercules is founded.
1982 Labtec is founded.
1982 Number Nine is founded.
1982 Symantec is founded.
1982 Jack Kilby is inducted into the National Inventors Hall of
1982 Microsoft releases FORTRAN for the PC COBOL for MS-DOS, and
Multiplan for the Apple II and CP / M machines.
1982 Microsoft establishes a subsidiary in England to begin foreign
sales efforts.
1982 WordPerfect Corporation introduces WordPerfect 1.0 a word
processing program that will become one of the computer markets
most popular word processing program.
1982 The first luggable computer is introduced.
1982 Sun is incorporated in February 1982, with four employees.
1982 Lotus Development Corporation is founded and Lotus 1-2-3, a
spreadsheet program is introduced.
1982 Compaq Computer Corp. is founded by Rod Canion and other Texas
Instruments Incorporated engineers. Compaq is the first company to
introduce a clone of the IBM PC and become IBM’s biggest challenger
in the corporate market.
1982 The Commodore 64 begins to be sold with 64 kilobytes of
random-access memory and containing Microsoft BASIC and dropping in
price from $600 to $200 allows it to become the best-selling
computer of all time.
1982 Diamond Multimedia is founded.
1982 The HX-20 becomes the first notebook-sized portable computer
is introduced by Epson.
1982 MS-DOS version 1.25 is released.
1982 Apple Computer is the first personal computer manufacturer to
hit the $1 billion mark for annual sales.
1982 The Intel 80286 processor is announced.
1982 Adobe is founded.
1982 BTC is founded
1982 The XT bus is introduced.

1983 The IBM XT is first introduced on March 8, 1983.
1983 Zoran is founded.
1983 Paul Allen leaves Microsoft.
1983 The Time magazine nominates the PC as the "man of the year."
1983 Interplay is founded.
1983 The Apple IIe is introduced. The computer contains 64
kilobytes of RAM one megahertz 6502 processor and running Applesoft
BASIC and sells for $1,400.
1983 Tandy, Epson and NEC all sell notebook computers however only
the Tandy’s model 100 becomes popular because of its low price of
1983 THX is established.
1983 More than 10 million computers are in use in the United
1983 MS-DOS 2.0 was released March, 1983.
1983 True BASIC is created and is a compiled, structured language.
It doesn't require line numbers, as the original BASIC did, and
includes the advanced control structures necessary for structured
1983 The QIC Standard becomes the first standard in the computer
history for tape drives.
1983 Microsoft Windows was announced November, 1983

1984 IBM's AT computer is introduced.
1984 IBM introduces its portable computer, the IBM Portable
weighing in at 30 pounds.
1984 SETI is founded.
1984 ESS Technologies is founded.
1984 Guillemot is founded.
1984 Amiga is purchased by Commodore Business Machines on August
1984 Bill Gates is featured on the cover of Time magazine.
1984 The 3.5-inch floppy diskette is introduced and later becomes
an industry standard.
1984 Dell Computer is founded May 3, 1984 in Austin Texas.
1984 The now famous Apple commercial is shown during the Super
Bowl, the commercial introduces the Apple Macintosh, a computer
with graphical user interface instead of needing to type in
commands. In six months sales of the computer reach 100,000.
1984 Dhrystone is developed.
1984 IBM develops EGA.
1984 The computer Museum opens in downtown Boston.
1984 Microsoft introduces MS-DOS 3.0 for the IBM PC AT and MS-DOS
3.1 for networks.
1984 The Tandy 1000 personal computer is introduced and becomes the
best-selling IBM-compatible computer of the year.
1984 IBM introduces the Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) video card
with higher resolution, more colors, and a quicker response then
previous video cards.
1984 University of Southern California professor Fred Cohen creates
alarm when he warns the public about computer viruses in his
Computer Virus - Theory and Experiments paper.
1984 The beginning of the greatest adventure computer gaming series
is released by Sierra. Kings Quest 1: Quest for the crown is
released to the public.
1984 The Yellow book of CD-ROM standards is written.
1984 Cirrus is established.
1984 ISA is expanded to 16-bit capability.

1985 The GNU manifesto is published by Dr. Dobb's Journal
1985 Software Arts assets are sold to Lotus. Software Arts is most
well known for its VisiCalc program.
1985 The Amiga aka A1000 is introduced..
1985 PNY Technologies is founded.
1985 Titus Interactive is founded.
1985 Microtek introduces the world's first 300-dpi black-and-white
sheetfed scanner.
1985 Quantum Computer Services is founded, this company later
becomes AOL.
1985 Microsoft and IBM begin collaboration on the next-generation
operating system (OS/2).
1985 The computer company Gateway 2000 is founded in Siox City,
1985 CAT1 wiring is introduced.
1985 Intel introduces the 80386, a 16 MHz processor that
incorporates 275,000 transistor and capable of accessing up to four
gigabytes of memory. The processor sells for $299.
1985 Paul Brainard of Aldus Corporation introduces Pagemaker for
the Macintosh, a program that lets users mix type and graphics on
the same page. The combination of this software and the new Apple
LaserWriter laser printer helps create the desktop publishing
1985 The Mach Project begins at the Carnegie Mellon University.
1985 IBM develops NetBEUI.
1985 Microsoft Windows 1.0 is introduced in November, 1985 and is
initially sold for $100.00.
1985 The Nintendo Entertainment System makes its debut.
1985 ATI is founded.
1985 Boca is established.
1985 Corel is founded.
1985 Gravis is founded.

1986 The Hacker Manifesto is published in Phrack (Volume One, Issue
7, Phile 3 of 10) on January 8, 1986.
1986 Gigabyte is founded.
1986 Pixar is co-founded by Steve Jobs.
1986 Apple introduces the Mac Plus. The computer contained one
megabyte of RAM, new keyboard that contained cursors and numeric
keypad and sold for $2,600.
1986 The AT or 101 key keyboard is introduced by IBM.
1986 Compaq introduces the first 386-based PC compatible computer.
1986 The NCSA opens.
1986 Microsoft is listed on the New York Stock Exchange selling
shares to the public at $21 each, making Bill Gates one of the
world’s youngest billionaires.
1986 More than 30 million computers are in use in the United
1986 MS-DOS 3.2 was released April, 1986.
1986 IMAP is developed by Stanford University.
1986 CD-i format is specified.
1986 Aztech is established.
1986 Avid is established.

1987 Oak Technology is founded.
1987 RealTek is founded October 1987.
1987 Robert Noyce is awarded the National Medal of Technology.
1987 Microsoft purchases Forethought Incorporated. The company that
developed the presentation software PowerPoint.
1987 Microsoft introduces Windows 2.0 in December 9, 1987.
1987 Microsoft introduces Microsoft Works.
1987 VIA Technologies is founded.
1987 Microsoft and IBM release OS/2 1.0.
1987 The Mac SE is introduced at $2,900.
1987 Chipsets begin to be found on computer motherboards.
1987 IBM introduces the PS / 2 personal computer, which has
improved graphics, a 3.5-inch diskette drive, and proprietary bus
to help prevent clone makers competition.
1987 IBM sends clone manufacturers letters demanding retroactive
licensing fees.
1987 IBM develops 8514/A.
1987 MS-DOS 3.3 was released April, 1987.
1987 IBM introduces MCA.
1987 Microsoft Shares hits $100 per share.
1987 Apogee is founded, Apogee is well known for its computer games
as well as the company who first released a 'Shareware' game.
1987 The SPARC processor is introduced by Sun.
1987 IBM introduces VGA.
1987 Larry Wall introduces Perl 1.0
1987 Elitegroup Computer Systems is established.

1988 Apple files a copyright infringement against Microsoft for
Windows 2.03 and Hewlett Packard for New Wave in comparison with
their Macintosh operating system.
1988 About 45 million PCs are in use in the United States.
1988 Friedrich Reintzer discovers liquid crystal.
1988 SNMP is introduced.
1988 Xircom is founded.
1988 Trend Micro is founded.
1988 Creative Labs introduces the SoundBlaster, a sound card for
the PC that contains an 11-voice FM synthesizer with
text-to-speech, digitized voice input / output, a MIDI port, a
joystick port and bundled software.
1988 Jarkko Oikarinen develops IRC
1988 EISA is developed as an alternative to MCA.
1988 Motorola releases the 88000 processor.
1988 NTP is introduced.
1988 Promise is founded.
1988 OSF is founded.
1988 Morphing is first introduced in the movie Willow.
1988 MS-DOS 4.0 was released July, 1988.
1988 MS-DOS 4.01 was released November, 1988.

1989 GriD Systems Corporation introduces the first pen-based
1989 PCMCIA trade association is founded.
1989 ActionFront is founded.
1989 EPoX is founded.
1989 ABIT is founded.
1989 Fred Cohen is awarded the Information Technology Award.
1989 Intel releases the 486DX processor, with more than 1 million
transistors and multitasking capabilities.
1989 Orange book is released by Philips and Sony.
1989 Poqet announces the Poqet PC the first pocket-sized MS-DOS
compatible computer.../history/198090.htm
1989 Asus is founded.
1989 The networking routing protocol OSPF is introduced.
1989 Citrix is founded.
1989 S3 Inc. is founded.

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