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O C T O B E R - 2 0 2 3

~ October 31st 2023 ~

October 31st 3101: scuzzblog: Amiga 1200 - Still crazy in love after 30 years.

~ October 29th 2023 ~

The battery inside a 500 Plus is a killer
and sometimes it rears its head and creates
issues that you just couldn't have foreseen.

First up an A500 Plus lurking inside an A500
with a battery I had no knowledge of. How
could I, the Amiga 500 doesn't have a battery.

Then a few years later I check on the same
computer and discover an area of white that
has corroded even further components. My only
reasoning was the sticky on the ribbon.

This always leaves you questioning your own
preventative methods of eradicating battery
corrosion and the systems you put in place
to monitor such things. Either way I always
blame myself and question whether I am the
best person to take responsibility for such

You can be the judge.

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Last check August 2023 this year

August 8th 0801: scuzzblog: Amiga A-500 Plus - Of many shades.

~ October 28th 2023 ~

This A2000 with the GVP accelerator was
given to me in November 2005. She has
always struggled to boot, but eventually
with a little bit of 'jiggling' of cards
she always manages to succeed. Eventually
I backed up the hard drive onto ZIP and
then CD so all data is accessible from the
emulator. She's a little treasure.

Originally I was a little confused with the
internals until I cleaned up the board and
took some better images of the MegaCHIP and
the connector to the GARY.

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~ October 27th 2023 ~

October 27th 2701: scuzzblog: Project Sim City - Where there is a Will.

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RAW 6 - [ mostly Enigma MCMXC AD ]

LSD - Disk Light activity on the 500

~ October 26th 2023 ~

And why ? I have my reasons

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~ October 25th 2023 ~

Amiga 500 / Plus ~ A happy ending for the Fat Lady

Not sure I have ever linked all these threads
together. This has been prompted by a query
regarding an A500 screen display problem.

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~ October 24th 2023 ~

Previously on scuzzblog: I found GOLEM

Blast from the past. As ever during my adventures
with the old retro kit I often came across hidden gems.

Previously on scuzzblog: Golem v RF 542C on the Amiga

Previously on scuzzblog: Amiga 5.25" drive RF 542C

~ October 23rd 2023 ~

A500 Plus - Be Afraid

I am still trudging through my very old blogs that have
no picture links and I tripped across a blog from six
years to the day regarding the A500 Plus. It was most
interesting to compare a blog regarding the computer
some three years later.

The battery on this machine was removed some decade and
a half ago and even today I still check for further
corrosion around the motherboard. Try as I might I have
not been able to remove all the corrosion and so I take
the time on a regular basis to check the board over.

I have since checked the board and am happy that the
corrosion has been contained. Fingers crossed.

Entry October 23 2017: Diary: Anatomy of an Amiga 500 Plus

Entry May 25 2020: Amiga 500Plus - Cartoon Classics final check.

~ October 22nd 2023 ~

More from memory lane: Put your pedal to the metal

This blog marked a transition from my normal Yahoo Group
postings to using the blog on the website to communicate
all my daily activities. I recall it very well. The change
to focussing fully on the website was suggested by a
group member. Nothing was to ever be the same again.

If you compare with the blog below this one you will see
that the bench changed to a grey and white backdrop which
became the norm from this point onward. Only a short blog
but I was just testing the water at the time. I still
maintained my Yahoo email posts, but started to link them
directly to my website blog.

~ October 21st 2023 ~

Disk Box

October 21st 2101: scuzzblog: The humble disk box. [ TAG: Head Banging floppy disk salvage ]

~ October 20th 2023 ~

October 20th 2001: scuzzblog: Collecting Computers - The way I was.

~ October 19th 2023 ~

October 19th 1901: scuzzblog: Amiga 2000 - Amy jumped ship

~ October 18th 2023 ~

October 18th 1801: scuzzblog: Ends of time - ActiVision Yahoo Sven Harvey MicroMart.

~ October 17th 2023 ~

October 17th 1701: scuzzblog: Amiga CD32 - Spectacular Voyage plus games.

~ October 16th 2023 ~

No pictures required

October 16th 1601: scuzzblog: Unarchiving - The face of decrunching.

~ October 15th 2023 ~

October 15th 1501: scuzzblog: Directory Opus - CU Amiga Tutorial.

~ October 14th 2023 ~

October 14th 1401: scuzzblog: Directory Opus - Configuring Buttons.

~ October 13th 2023 ~

October 13th 1301: scuzzblog: Dungeons and Dragons - The laws of lore.

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~ October 12th 2023 ~

October 12th 1201: scuzzblog: Amiga Active - All those CDs.

~ October 11th 2023 ~

October 11th 1101: scuzzblog: ICPUG - Independent Commodore Products Users Group.

~ October 10th 2023 ~

October 10th 1001: scuzzblog: Amiga advice - I'll shut up.

~ October 9th 2023 ~

October 9th 0901: scuzzblog: Amiga 1500 - Lost images.

Previously on scuzzblog: Amiga 1500 - 2.1 on 3.1 backup onto emulator - GoldED.

~ October 8th 2023 ~

October 8th 0801: scuzzblog: Why buy an Amiga?

~ October 7th 2023 ~

October 7th 0701: scuzzblog: Web Links - Still active after all these years.

~ October 6th 2023 ~

Didn't quite make it today...
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

~ October 5th 2023 ~


October 5th 0501: scuzzblog: Sanyo MBC 555 - There is a monitor ?

~ October 4th 2023 ~

October 4th 0401: scuzzblog: R-TYPE II - Just press the bloody mouse button.

~ October 3rd 2023 ~

October 3rd 0301: scuzzblog: SG ProPad - On fire.

~ October 2nd 2023 ~

October 2nd 0201: scuzzblog: Oscar and Dennis - My only disappointment.

~ October 1st 2023 ~

October 1st 0101: scuzzblog: Sensible World of Soccer - Training.

~ Pinned for Info ~

Request time

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